Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Results of the elections in the USA

As some of you have showed interest on this topic, here you have the link to a website that offers complete information about the Presidential election, the future composition of the two Chambers, the elections to governors in some States and the results of ballot propositions. The Ballot Measures´ section is very interesting, because you can see what most of the voters of every State think about some burning topics: marijuana legalization, same-sex marriage, taxes on tobacco or gambling, funds for abortion and education, mandatory healthcare system...

One last piece of information about 2012 elections voter turnout: less than 50% of the eligible voters  participated in the elections yesterday. Barack Obama has had 10 million votes less than 4 years ago and Mitt Romney has collected 3 million votes less than John McCain in 2008. Here you have a link to a website with information about voter turnout in presidentials election since 1828. Figures show that little more than 50% of the eligible voters participate in the elections since the 70´s of the last century:


Alberto Panadero said...

Hi Paqui,
I think you wanted to write gambling instead of gamblig. It's a silly but I've felt that I had to tell you.
I delay in reading this blog but I do it. I like when your students write somme comments on the posts that you write.
I enjoied a lot with the videos of the American Revolution. They were very fun to learn this topic.
Bye, bye!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Alberto,

I´ve just corrected it. Thanks!

The students don´t usually write or read my post, but some do it and it´s a pleasure to debate with them, Some of them also ask me questions by e-mail ;)

Read the post about Napoleon´s cartoons. THere are some very good.