Wednesday, September 29, 2010

29th of September 2010

Today Paqui has not been with us, because she was in the general strike and Pepa has been with us.

She has said that we have to do the homework, and after we had done it, she has asked about the European Section. We have told her that we are very good and we don´t have problems. After she has told us that she has read this blog and she likes it, because she thinks that it´s a great idea to improve our English.

Then we have continued with our homework and we have studied about all the subjets, because we have to study a lot.

We were all the class except three persons, that I don´t want to mention.

After that it was the break time and we have to gone to the other building.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Our blog of culture and religions


In the class of history and culture of religions, we are also making a blog. This blog is about religions and cultures of the world.

You are all invited to visit us and write your comments. We hope you like it.

Some websites to review landforms and bodies of water

Doubtful Sound fjord (New Zealand)
A fjord is an ancient glacial valley that has been flooded by the sea.

As we have seen this morning, there are lots of landforms on the Earth´s surface. Here you have some useful links to write your definitions:

- List of landforms on the English Wikipedia. You will find a lot of information and pictures that will help you to find the translation in Spanish:

- List of bodies of water on the English Wikipedia:

- Landforms of the world: a website to find out characteristics of world landforms. You can learn here the main features of several landforms:

- On Enchanted you will find an illustrated dictionary of landforms and bodies of water. It is very useful, because every definition includes a drawing that will help you to understand the meaning:

On the same site there is an interesting section about rivers that includes a glossary of terms related with rivers:

Unit 1: Physical geography of the world.

Today, Paqui has started the class telling some people that they had to give her the maps, because some people of the class had to repeat it. Then I have asked Paqui  if I could sit nearer the blackboard and she has told me that, of course, I could. Ana has also sat nearer the blackboard.

After that, Paqui has given us all the books, and she has told us, that we have to take care of it, because Cristina and she have worked hard during all the summer to create the books. We have read the index, and after, we have started unit 1: Phisical geography of the world.

Paqui has told us that all the things we have seen this morning were a review of 1º of E.S.O.

We have watched a PowerPoint presentation about the forms of relief on both the continental and the oceanic crust. We have written all those forms of relief, like mountain, plateau (you can see an example of this form of relief, at the top of the comment) , massif... and the parts of the oceanic crust too.

I have asked Paqui if she could explain it slower because so many words were new for me, and it was a little bit more difficult, Ana Lucas and Juan Carlos have agreed with me, because neither they were in European Section in 1º.

We have also reviewed the bodies of water and we have written all the bodies of salt and fresh water.

We have started writing on our glossaries and, I have written many words that I didn't understand!

At the end of the class, Paqui has told us that we have to write the definitions of all the forms of relief and the bodies of water, for homework.

Friday, September 24, 2010

24th of September 2010

Today in Social Sciences Paqui has returned the maps of America. Later we have played some games about South and Central America. In one game we needed to locate a country in a map. In another game we had to say the name of a country knowing its capital city and in the last game we needed to say the capital city knowing the country. After we have played password about America. In some letters Paqui has included European countries because it is very difficult to have one country for each letter. Later we have started to see unit one´s PowerPoint presentation. This unit we are going to do a project work about the physical geography of the continents and word climates. The people who work hard and take the project seriously, won´t have to pass an exam. But the lazy people will have to do it.

This is unit one´s PowerPoint presentation.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

22nd of September 2010

Today in Social Sciences, Paqui has given us our corrected map of Europe. Then, we have finished and given the America map. After, we have played password with the countries and its capital cities. Finally, we have played some games on the Internet to learn and study in different ways the countries and capital cities of Europe. This class has been very interesting. I think that we have to do this everyday...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Some resources to study political geography of the continents

Hello everybody!

Here you have some interesting links where you can review the countries of the world and their capital cities:

- Interactive maps: lots of games to learn geography, prepared by Enrique Alonso, a Catalan teacher:

- Lizard Point: Test your Geography Knowledge. Lots of map quizzes to test your geographic knowledges:

- Geography games: a very interesting link. You can learn the pronunciation of the countries and their capital cities and important information about them:

- More games to review political geography:

- I like 2 learn: map quizzes to review the capital cities of the continents:

- Conquer the continents: a game to review the location of the countries:

I hope you learn a lot by playing all these games! Please, write your comments on the games you´ve played and the results you have obtained (right answers, mistakes, the most difficult things for you...).

Hello Students!

As I'm sure you know by now, in the end, I will be working in the high school for another year. I'm looking forward to seeing you all very soon; my first day is October 1. Until then, I'll still be helping out and contributing to the blog. So check for my comments. I think this is a great project and a very interesting and interactive way to do the reflective journals.

See you soon! :D


20th of September 2010

Today in Social Sciences we had to deliver the map of Europe. Paqui has said to us that why we didn't accept the invitation for the blog and Silvia has volunteered to do it in the class to show us how to accept it. Then Paqui has shown us how to write, how to edit, how to upload pictures and videos to the blog... Therefore she has given us a sheet of instructions that we know well (as we want! ). At the end of the class Paqui has given us another map of America:

In this map we have to do the same as in the other one.

17th of september 2010

Today in Social Sciences we have to go to another room with a projector (because the other class hasn't got it and Paqui must use it)

Then Paqui has given a sheet with all the names of the all European countries and more, like Kosovo¿? and the names of the countries of America in which we have to fill the gaps of the capitals of each one, but we didn't know half of them. After we have checked this sheet with Paqui. She has given us a map of Europe:

In the map we have to put the countries, the capitals and color each one of one colour.

15th of september 2010

Today it's was the first day in the High School. All the morning was a complete disaster because we didn't find the classes. In Social Sciences Paqui has given us a paper with the assessment criteria of the subject and then Paqui has explained us the percentages of the evaluation. We have talked about the reflective journal and Paqui has said to us that this year it will be easier, because we will only have to write the journal each 25 lessons, because we are going to be alterned to write it. But the blog is under construction. For homework we have to think in a name for the blog and write the reflective journal.

To participate in the blog we have to create a gmail account.

This class was fantastic, because we didn't copy anything!!!


We are the students of Social Sciences of the high school Isabel Perillán y Quirós in Campo de Criptana (Ciudad Real)

This is a new project of this class. This class is formed by 25 students and the teacher Paqui!!

This class of Social Sciences is in English, because we are in the European Section. This is the third year of this program and also the third school year that we do Social Sciences in English.

We hope that you enjoy this blog. Bye!!!