Friday, December 2, 2016

Some extra information about infant mortality rate

Here you have three short videos about infant mortality rate, which is more precise to explain the real situation of healthcare in a country. If you pay attention to the firts video, you will discover that the countries with the highest infant mortality rate are among the LEDCs. These countries have lack of hospitals and doctors, suffer malnutrition, pregnancies are not controlled by the doctors and many children die under the age of 1. But the two following videos show that the USA infant mortality rate is higher than the average of the MEDCs. And this is why their healthcare system is not good. Patients receive only the cares they can pay and many families can't afford paying a good insurance. This case shows how important a good an accessible healthcare system is to reduce mortality among the most vulnerable people, children. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

China's one-child policy

Here you have some links and short videos to learn more about China's one-child policy and why the Chinese government decided to abandon it last year: -These three links explain why the Chinese government decided to intervene in order to reduce birth rate in China and the results of this anti-natalist policy: 

 - This video explains 10 important key data about China's one-child policy:


 - A short explanation of why China left the one-child policy in October 2015:


 - These two videos focus on the consequences of the anti-natalist policy over ordinary people. ageing population, only children and secret children with no rights:


Pro-natalist and anti-natalist policies

Here you have a short video made by some foreign students that summarizes demographic policies:


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Countries with the highest and lowest birth rate

Here you have some short videos to learn about the countries with the highest and lowest birth rate in the world:

Some videos about world population and its future

These videos explain very interesting facts about world population growth. If you watch them, you will quickly understand that the main demographic problem in the world is IMBALANCE: 


Some videos about the Demographic Transition model

Here you have some easy videos to review the contents about the Demographic Transition model. There is a song too!

And this is the song. Click on the image to be redirected to the link on Youtube (the author doesn't allow the embedding of the video in other websites: 

Monday, November 21, 2016

If 100 people lived on Earth...

Have a look on this video to understand the differences and unequal distribution of resources and possibilities in world population:

Friday, November 18, 2016

Some music videos about the independence of the USA

Here you have some musical videos that explain the USA independence process:


- From Schoolhouse Rock, No More King!: 


This song explains the Preamble of the Constitution:

Another song about the Preamble, called We The People:

A rap that explains the content of the Constitution:


- A school version of Taylor Swift's song Shake it off that explains the Bill of Rights: 

The Bill of Rights in hip hop style:

The Bill of Rights rap:

- Another very funny school project from McAlpine Elementary School in Charlotte Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA:

This is another song by another crazy history teacher, which explains why the Bill of Rights was included in the Constitution:

The 27 amendments to the USA Constitution.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

National Episodes project

Cartoon by Moya representing writer Benito Pérez Galdós writing the National Episodes
Madrid Cómico 1898

As you know, this year we are going to study Spain's history using a family saga, as a homage to Galdós' National Episodes. The story will start in the 18th century and will continue until present day. There will be different chapters for every historical period and you will have to adopt the personality of a person who lives every historical moment and write about your life and how the historical events affect you and the rest of the ordinary people.  The final version will have to be as an old book and include drawings or images related to what you write in every chapter.

Here you have the instructions for the first four chapters and some links to complete the information of the notes:


This story starts at the beginning of the 18th century and you are working as a servant in the Royal Alcázar of Madrid. You started working there in the last years of Charles II’s life. And now a new dynasty has arrived and things are changing. You have to explain your life in the palace and how the different historical events of the period affect people’s lives. In the first chapter you should include the following contents:
  •           The arrival of Philip V to the court, his personality, hobbies, family life…
  •           War of Spanish Succession and Treaty of Utrecht
  •          Reforms introduced by Philip V
  •           Philip V’s abdication in 1724 and his return to the throne
  •           The fire in the Alcázar in 1734 and the moving of the court to the Buen Retiro Palace, uring the construction of the Royal Palace
  •           Philip V’s death and Ferdinand VI’s reign and reforms.

This chapter should end with Ferdinand VI’s death in 1759 and the arrival of the new monarch, Charles III.
You don’t have to copy the notes, but invent situations that allow you to explain these contents, being part of them. You have to include information about your family, your everyday life, feelings… Remember that you are a member of the Third Estate and you know how to write because someone taught you (invent who). One of your children, who started working in a coffee shop, is going to be the protagonist of Chapter 2.


Your father/mother passed away and you’ve decided to continue to write the story of your family. You live in the 2nd half of the 18th century, during Charles III’s reign.  You work in a coffee shop and many members of the bourgeoisie go there and talk about the main political events in the court. In this chapter you have to include the following contents:

  •           Charles III’s arrival from Naples
  •           Inauguration of the Royal Palace
  •           Charles III as an enlightened monarch
  •           The Esquilache Riots and their consequences (you have to participate in the riots)
  •           Reforms made during Charles III’s reign. 

     You have to serve drinks in a meeting of an Economic Society of the Friends of the Country to explain what they did there.  One of your children has to participate in the colonization of Sierra Morena. Another is going to  find a job as an apprentice in the Royal Tapestry Factory, where he is meeting Goya, the painter (Goya worked there from 1775 to 1792).
This chapter should end with Charles III’s death and Charles IV assuming power.


You are the boy who met Goya in the Royal Tapestry Factory. He hired you as his assistant and you have decided to continue your family saga. Goya is working for the court and you always go with him to help him with his paints, canvas…, so you have the possibility of getting a lot of information about what’s happening in the government and in the country. This chapter has to include the following events:
  •    Charles IV’s personality and his ministers
  •    The reception of the news of the French Revolution and Godoy’s decisions
  •    El Escorial Conspiracy
  •    Signature of the Treaty of Fontainebleau
  •    Mutiny of Aranjuez
  •    Beginning of the Peninsular War
  •     Abdications of Bayonne

Before this chapter ends you have to receive a letter from your brother in Andalusia, who explains you that he’s a councillor in his village and they are preparing to resist the French.



This chapter is going to be an exchange of letters between the man in Madrid -who still works for Goya- and the man in Andalusia:

-          - The man in Madrid’ writings are dealing with Joseph I’s court, the Francophiles and The Disasters of the War, the series of etchings Goya painted in this period. This person, influenced by Goya, has got liberal ideas.

-         -  The man in Andalusia is going to focus on the war, the guerrilla and the news about what is happening in Cádiz (Cortes and Constitution). This person has got absolutist ideas and doesn’t like the reforms made in Cádiz.

You have to write at least 2 letters per person. Don’t forget to include personal information about your family…

This chapter is going to end with Ferdinand VII’s comeback. The man in Madrid is afraid of what might happen to Goya and him. The man in Andalusia is happy.


The deadline for the first two chapters finished will be the 22nd November and the deadline for chapters 3 and 4  will be the 16th December. 

Monday, November 7, 2016