Thursday, January 26, 2017

Project: Create your political party

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If you look around, you will discover that political decisions affect every aspect of our lives, whether we like it or not. That's why it's important that you learn how it works and start thinking what kind of society you would like to live in.

The purpose of this project is that you think of how you would like the main challenges of our society to be solved. You will have to create a political party and write your political program. You will have to think about how you would face the main problems the country or the town has. You can also prepare a logo, a slogan, brochures, posters, merchandising objects for the political campaign..., but the political program is the main thing.

Here you have some items to think about:

- UNEMPLOYMENT: How could you create more jobs?

- PEOPLE'S RIGHTS: Would you  enlarge or restrict people's rights? Which ones?

- TAXES: Would you increase or reduce taxes? Who should pay more? What percentage of people's income should everybody pay? How would you punish tax evaders?

- ENVIRONMENT: How would you protect the fauna and the flora?

- POLLUTION: How would you reduce pollution?

- SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: How would you combine economic development with respect to the environment?

- TRANSPORT: What means of transport would you promote?

- HOUSING: What would you do to ensure decent housing?

- EDUCATION: How would you improve the education system?

- HEALTHCARE: How would you improve the healthcare system?

- ENERGY SOURCES: What energy sources would you promote and how?

- CRIME: How would you reduce crime? Would you change the laws that punish criminals? Would  you promote reintegration of criminals?

- SECURITY: How would you make the country safer?

- YOUTH: What would you do for young people?

- RETIRED PEOPLE: What would you do for retired people?

- DEPENDENT POPULATION: What would you do to improve their life quatity?

- SCIENCE: How would you encourage scientific research?

- SOCIAL SERVICES: What social services would you provide? Would you enlarge them or reduce them?

- REDUCTION OF POVERTY: What would you do to reduce poverty?

- RELIGION: Would you change anything in this sense?

- LEISURE TIME: Would you subsidize leisure time activities?Which ones?

- DEMOGRAPHIC PROBLEMS: How would you solve the demographic problems we have?

- IMMIGRATION AND ASYLUM: What would be your policy about this topic?

- ORGANIZATION OF THE STATE: Would you change the levels of organization of the State?

- DEMOCRATIC PARTICIPATION: How would you promote citizen political participation

These are only suggestions of topics you can include in your program. You can include everything you consider important for the country or the town.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Some videos about Francisco de Goya's paintings

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Some short videos about the United Nations

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How the United Nations Security Council works:


How effective is the UN?


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Some videos about democracy

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