Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap years

Although I´m on strike today, I´ve found this interesting video about leap years. I think it could be interesting for you to extract ideas for your next project and it´s also a tribute to our leapling, Mari Luz. Watch it and you´ll understand why. Happy 4th birthday, Mari Luz!

29th February 2012

Today in Social Sciences Paqui has gone on strike, so we didn’t have class. We have been in the class altogether and been in silence, because we have to study and review for the language exam about Marianela of Galdós.  There were some people that didn’t go to class. The guardia teacher didn’t come today maybe because of the strike but  there were more teachers than I imagine.

And that’s all for today!

See you tomorrow! Bye!

Monday, February 27, 2012

27th of Feburary

For first, today Ana de la Fuente has checked exercise 9 which has consisted in the areas of expansion of the USA and Japan.
Paqui has explained that the USA's expansion areas were:
-In the Pacific: Wake,k Miduay, Guam and Hawaii.
-The Philippinnes.
-In the Caribbean Sea: Cuba and Puerto Rico, and a strip of land in Panama.
After she has show us in a scheme on the blackboard how was distributed North America between many countries:
-Alaska was occupied by Russia.
-Luissiana was occupied by France.
-Florida was occupied by Spain.
-California and zones near there were occupied by Mexico.
The Monroe Doctrine was aimed to all the European powers, maden by James Monroe, which said:
"America for the Americans"
They wouldn't admit any foreing intervention in America, but the USA was allowed to intervene in other American countries if their interests were in danger.
Well, and Paqui has started to talk about the USA and she has told: "A country born from an Empire become also an Empire".
And she has started talking that nowadays the USA is preparing a war against Irak because this country is reaching nuclear power.
After that, Alejandro has checked exercise 10 which consisted in the Chinese reaction against the foreign intervention.
After this, Paqui has explained the exercise remembering us that the Chinese people revolted against them (Boxer rebellion).
And then, Enrique has contributed with his answer.
Now, we've seen that all the things the Europeans introduced in China were for their own benefit and they were, in a way or in other, bad for the Chinese:
-Introduction of some advances ( only for the interest of the colonists)
-The acculturation process.
-Balance between population and resources broke up and periodic famines appeared.
-Unequal and segregated society. Discrimination of the indigenous in their own territories.
And afther that, we've saw what was the Apartheid (Afrikaans word which means "segregation"):
Racist segregation system established in South Africa. The "white" people and the other groups of population (Hindu, "black") were completely separated: specific schools, baths, transport...) until 1990.
Nelson Mandela fought against this system.
Cry freedom was a film that reflects how was the Apartheid in the USA.
And then, Paqui has looked for some images in google as examples of the Apartheid.
She also has looked for a video in youtube about the Middle Ages as example of the next project he have to do for the 8th March.
Silvia has asked Paqui if this work can be done in groups but Paqui doesn't know that for the moment.
Well, we have to do the project in a video or in a comic.
And we've started a new point: Spain in the 2nd half of the 19th century.
And Paqui has made a scheme:
Spain in the 2nd half of the 19th century:
-Isabella II's reign (1843-1868)
  • Moderate Decade (1844-1854)
  • Progressive Biennium (1854-1856)
  • Alternation between moderates and Liberal Union (1856-1868)
-Democratic Sexenio (1868-1874)
-Restoration of the monarchy (1875-1931)

Isabella's reign ,the Democratic Sexenio or the Restoration of the monarchy are the things in which have to consist the project.
And then, Paqui has remembered us that Isabella prefered the moderates, she has explained another preferences of her and she has talked about her reign stages.
Mari Luz has read the Progressive Biennium.
The Liberal Union was formed by reformist moderates and conservative progressives.
Starvation - Hambruna
Segragated - Separados
Centre Party - Partida de centro