Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday 22th of February 2012

Today in social sciences Bea A. and Carmen have made the exam of last unit. While we have corrected some exercises about colonialism:

  • Dani has corrected exercise 4 about the main causes of colonialism: 
                 -Economic reasons: cheap raw materials
                 -Demographic reasons: high increased of population
                 -Polithical reasons: control of estrategic places

  • Afterwards Mariluz have corrected exercise 5 about the justification of colonialism: They said they have a responsability of civilizating the last developed territories of the colonies. It was racism. Yolanda R. have said that are people are equal , we have the same gens. In the 19th century Charles Darwin in the theory of evolution said: that survivals were the oné of the most  adapted species. This is calles Social Darwinism wich was applied by the nazis to express their superiority  against other races. In translation of the theory of species to societies the most educated societies were superior and white people were superior than other people in the colonies. 
  • Races eugenics: eliminating all the human beings with physical or mental disabilityand sterilized people with this problem.

  • Andrea have corrected exercise 6 about axtitudes about colonialism:
                    -Most of the population didn´t have an actitude towards colonialism
                    -Most of the politicians were in favour ofd colonialism as Jules Ferry (France) and Benjamin Diesraeli (U.K.) 
                    -Trade unionist and some socialist politicians were against colonialism defending the right of  people deciding by themshelves George Clemencau (France) and Lenin were against it.

After that Paqui has read two texts in Spanish one in favour and one against colonialism we have to deduce them.
  •  Sara has corrected exercise 7 about types of colonialism: 
                  -Colonies of explotation: They totally depend to the metopolis with no goverment
                  -Colonies of settlement: they have an autonomous goverment but the exterior policy was correspond to the metropolis 
                  -Protectorates: They were independent in theory but really they were someted by the metropolis laws
  • I have corrected exercise 9 about the Berlin conference: In 1885 a convention proposed by Otto Von Bismarck was celebrated in Berlinto stablished some rules about coloniasm and avoid some problwms btween european countries. This conference meant a scramble for Africa:
                  -They created the Congo free state
                  -Rivers were free for navigation
                  - The countrie that ocupied the coast could also go to the interior

They give a place in Africa to the king Leopold the II. In this place the king exploid people to take out rubber as if it was a private property and if they didn´t collect the quantity of rubber he said the cut the hands.

The bell has rung and there were no homework



Juan Carlos said...

Hello Ángel, good journal but I found some mistakes:
- In the 7th line: political
- In the 8th line: has because is third person
- In the 11th line: has because is third person
- In the 14th line: which
- In the 28th line you can correct the spaces

A complete journal Ángel, good work!

Juan Carlos Huertas

Yolanda Rubio said...

Good journal Ángel!
Today we have also spoken about the racism and we have spoken about that all people is equal and that in the human genoma racism doesn't exist, because all people has a similar genoma. We have known these things because the classmates who study biology are studing this at the moment.

bye, see you tomorrow

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Ángel,

There are several spelling mistakes, starting from the title. There is also a mistake about content.The theory of evolution explains the survivors of every species are the best adapted to the environment. Darwin´s ideas on Biology extended to Social Sciences. Social Darwinism was an adaptation of the theory of evolution to explain how societies work. The theorists of this current considered that there were better adapted "races" (the "white" people") and that was the explanation to their superiority and their right to control the inferior "races". This theory was used to classify people into different "races", depending on the colour of people´s skin or the size of their heads. Social Darwinism also defended eugenics, to get "pure" individuals, by sterilizing first and eliminating later the people who had any physical of psychic flaw. You should correct what you´ve written, because you´ve mixed different things and it´s difficult to understand these concepts.

Please, correct what your classmates tell you. Have a good night.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Yolanda, the word in English is genome.