Thursday, February 2, 2012

2nd of February, 2012

Today in Social Sciences....
At the beginning of the class in the corridor Paco the teacher of physics and chemistry has catched a little dog, because the dog were in the corridors around the high school. He went out with the dog.
Afterwards, Laura Muñoz has asked a question about the questions and answers that we have to do for tomorrow about the oral exam. And Cristina has said that tomorrow we have to give the questions and answers to her and we will do a listening in her class.
Then, we have started the class. Cristina has put the power point presentation and we have started checking the exercise 15 about the main ideas of anarchism that are:
-People are born free, but institutions (school, Church,..) snatch their freedom and limit their possibility of developing their capabilities.
-The only way of recovering freedom is destroying everything that limits people's capabilities and let people decide how to organize their lives: cooperating with other people or staying apart.
-Collective property.
-Trust in the revolutionary capability of both peasants and industrial workers.
Anarchism means "without government".


In the middle of the class, some people were throwing balls of paper to Ángel Aranda and they were not listening to Cristina.
Anarcho-Syndicalism, created unions in order to be organized and educated for revolution.
Then, we have checked the exercise 16 about the International Workingmen's Association (IWA):
In 1889, Marx proposed the creation of an International Workingmen's Association in London. Marxists, anarchists and trade unionists of Europe and North America formed the First International. Their slogan was "Workers of the world, unite!".


The First International dissolved in 1876 due to the disagreements between Marxists and Anarchists.
In 1889, the Second International was created. The workers' anthem was created and was established the International Worker's Day. The problems between those who wanted to make revolution and those who wanted to participate in the elections. It was dissolved during the First World War (WWI).
Afterwards, we have seen the differences between Marxisms and anarchism. Cristina has said that anyone are interesting in see the make-up exam, because they didn't ask for it. Then, Cristina has given the crossword and we have done in the class. She has put on the blackboard the days that can be the exam of this unit and we have voted and it will be the 13th of February, on monday.
Later, Cristina has answered the question of Sara about that she will have to study point 4 of the last unit and Cristina has said that if she didn't fail the project she won't have to do it.
The bell has rung and Cristina has said that she will send the answers of the crossword in an email, but Paqui has put on the blog this morning.
I hope you were better Paqui. See you :)


Juan Carlos said...

Hello Mari Luz, I didn't found any mistakes, but your journal is excellent, good and complete.

See you tomorrow!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Mari Luz,

You´ve done a good work, but there are some things you could improve:

- The slogan of the IWA was "Workers of the world, unite!", without a "d " at the end.

- The First International dissolved in 1876 due to the disagreements between Marxists and Anarchists.

- In 1889 the Second International was created (it´s better that the subject comes before the verb).

That´s all. Have a good night.

Mªluz Ortiz S-Manjavacas said...

Hello Paqui! Thanks for your corrections. I've changed it all. Bye bye and have a good weekend. See you :)