Thursday, January 28, 2016

Some interactive maps and videos: Congress of Vienna, Italian and German unification

Here you have some interactive maps to visualize the territorial changes in Europe as a consequence of the Congress of Vienna and the unification processes of Italy and Germany. Click on the images to play the maps of the Congress of Vienna and the German unification. The map of the Italian unification is a GIF file.

italian unification gif

And these are some videos. You can use them to get ideas, but don't copy them. Remember that your work has to be ORIGINAL: 

Thursday, 28th January 2016

Hi, I´m Lydia and today touches me now explain what we have been doing in class.

Today in Social Sciences class, Paqui started explaining Europe in the 2nd half of the 19th Century: Unification of Italy and Germany.
After explain, Paqui has put on the board, a small introduction of point five, than explained:
"Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, Napoleon III had on important role in the Unification preeocess of Italy and Germany. He had been elected president of the 2nd Republic in 1850 and became the French Emperor of the 2nd Empire in 1852. His Empire endedos a consequence of the final unification was which led to the creation of Germany (2nd Rech)

Resultado de imagen de louis napoléon bonaparte

After this short introduction copy of section 5, Paqui made a table on the board, and we copy it into notebook, the table was about the Unification of Italy and Germany.
Before we complete the table and he was explaining at the same pace we were going completing, if only we have been given time to complete a little about Italy.
We have learned and we have filled the table with the following content:

Situation before the unification: SEVEN STATES--> Piedmont-Sardina, Lombardy-Venetia (under Austrian control), Papal States, Parma, Tuscany, Modena and the kingdom of the two Silicies.
Leading State: Piedmont
Main figures: Victor Emmanuel II, king of P.S, Camilo Benso Caunt of Cavour, prime ministers of P.S and rep Gruseppe Caribaldi.
Resultado de imagen de victor emmanuel iiResultado de imagen de giuseppe garibaldiResultado de imagen de camilo benso

Main enemy: Austria, the Pope also apposed the unification
Unification process: 
-->Piedmont-Sardinia got France´s help and declared war to Austria and annexed Lombardy in 1859
-->Parma, Modena and Tuscany jained Piedmont-Sardinia immediately
-->In 1860 Garibaldy conquered the kingdom of the two Silicies and gave it to Victor Emmanuel II

--> Creation of the kingdoms os Italy in 1861

Resultado de imagen de italy situation before the unification

That was the content of the table in the part of Italy, which actually did not have time to finish and sent us complete unification precess. And part of Germany also gave us time to see it.
In the last five minutes, he explained us how to do the work and put us several videos of example in the whiteboard

And these are the new words you've added to the glossary:
last will--> testamento
will-deseo--> aspiración
Papal States--> Estados Pontificios
Grandnephew--> sobrino nieto
plebiscite--> plebiscito
empress--> emperatriz
red shirts-->camisas rojas
Lombardy- Venetia--> Reino Lombardo Véneto