Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Some videos to draw inspiration for your projects

Here I'm including some videos from which you can draw inspiration to your projects. There are some of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Era that can be useful to review for the exam. I'm also including some projects other students did about Spain's history some years ago. There are some really good. I hope you can do as good projects as they did.



- This video was made by Enrique Manzanares, Carlos Rivas and Miguel Bustamante:

- This one was made by Gema Ortiz, Pilar Quirós and Juan Iniesta:


- And this is a work of art made by Roxana Marica, Andrea Balaban, Juan Iniesta and Cristina Mínguez. They worked really hard and made a really complete and original project:


And here you have the link to Educanon website:

To use it, you have to create an account, upload the video to Youtube and then start including the questions. We'll have a practical lesson soon,

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