Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday 29th of May

Hello Everybody!!! :)

Today in Social Sciences, we have started the class talking about the yesterday's trip and the post that Paqui wrote, in which we have to complete putting photos and comments about the trip to Madrid.

After that, we have started the Unit 8: The interwar period. The teacher has put the index on the blackboard and we have completed it with information from the powerpoint.

Unit 8 index:
  1. The USA: from the Roaring Twenties to the Great Depression.
  2. Fascist Italy.
  3. Nazi Germany.
Today we have only up to half of the first point.

1.a) First World Industrial Power: 
  • During WW1 the USA supplied the belligerent countries with raw materials, industrial products and weapons.
  • The European countries owed a lot of money to the USA.
  • Intact productive system after the war.
  • Small human losses with respect to other countries.
  • Owners of half of the world gold reserves.
  • The dollar became the predominant currency in international trade.

1.b) American Way of life:
The USA became a dream for thousands on immigrants of all over the world.  

After the teacher explained this section, my classmate, Mónica, has asked if the creator of the coke was still alive, and the teacher has said no, he died many years ago, and she has explained that only he and other person knew the secret ingredient. Apart, we have also been talking about that the coke takes a small dose of cocaine and that many people are addicted to it.

After this subsection, we have continued with section "C".

1.c) Prosperity and consumer society:
In this point we have told about that the industrial production growth and was stimulated by the payment in instalments and the baking loans.
Also we have said that the prosperity had an other face, the prohibition of producing, selling and consuming alcoholic drinks contributed to the extraordinary developmente of the mafia. On this part we have speaked about the famous actor Charlie Chaplin, because it was an alcoholic and that it was forbidden in USA.

Here we have a photo of an illegal bar in USA, known as Speakeasy.

Today's Glossary:

-Cover: portada
-To roar: rugir
-The Roaring 20's: los felices años veinte
-War loans: créditos de guerra
-Currency: divisa
-Loan: crédito
-Quarantine: cuarentena
-Iron: plancha
-Consumer society: sociedad de consumo
-Silent movies: cine mudo
-Tramp: vagabundo
-To be in force: estar en vigor
-To come into force: entrar en vigor
-Prohibition law: ley seca
-Income tax return: declaración de la renta
- Speakeasy: bar ilegal

This is all for today! Bye Bye mates, see you!! :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A really good day

This post is to thank all the students who have come to Madrid's trip today. Your behaviour has been really good and in general your attitude towards learning has been very positive. As I'm sure you've taken many pictures and you have a lot to tell, my proposition is that we all write a collaborative post here with your experiences. I'm going to write some headlines and you can add whatever you want below them, but don't forget to write your name below the text you write or the pictures you add. 

 Raquel Ortiz.

Paloma Gómez




This is a picture with all the Art History students this year. They are few, but selected. From left to right: Jenifer, Juanfran, María, Javi, Mercedes, Víctor and Ana. We've learned a lot together this year. 

Paloma Gómez

We took this photos when we went to the bathroom:

Raquel Ortiz.

Raquel Ortiz.

Gema Ortiz

The Plaza Mayor is so beautiful too, I would like to live there, but it has to be so expensive, to have in our memory we took some photos there.

In the Plaza Mayor, we meet two chinnese people, they were very nice. 

Near the Plaza Mayor, there was a shop full of chocolate, we fall in love with it inmediatly, all the chocolates sems very very good. 

We took a photo of all the group too.

María Torres.


Hi classmates, I think we spent a very good day in Madrid. Madrid is so beautiful. In the Puerta del Sol, we saw a demonstration of old persons, they were asking about a reform, and they were complining about the economic's changes and they were asking for their rights. One curious thing is that Fernando Garcia, Fernando Marcos-Alberca and Salva got into the demonstration.
If you pay attention to the photos you will discover the boys. 

In the Puerta del Sol, Carmen,  Isa and I took a photo with Micky Mouse, it was funny and the person who was dressed up was very nice.


María Torres. 

We also took a photo with a person who was dressed up as Homer Simpson.

Raquel Ortiz.

Here we took an original photo in the KM 0.

Raquel Ortiz.
In the free time, Paloma, Gema, Pilar, Laura, Gabriel (our photographer jaja) and me were shopping. We got impressed because shops were really really big !!!!!! Shops had three stories and they were amazing !!!! We went to a shop that was similar to a palace ! They all bought something, but I didn't...

At the end, Pilar and me were tired of shops and we sat on the floor, we ate and stared at people while the girls were shopping. As they took a long time, we took some photos.

Raquel Ortiz

We also visited the Starbucks coffee. The coffees of here are delicius.

Pilar, Raquel and I walking through Madrid.

Gema Ortiz


I really loved El Retiro Gardens, I think it's a fantastic place to be relax and to have a great time with your friends. We couldn't got the satisfaction of going on boat because there wasn't enough time left. However, we had a fantastic time there!

Paqui posing :)


       We were caught unawares.

 Paloma and me unawares jaja ;)

Raquel Ortiz

With Paqui in El retiro.

Gema Ortiz

Gema Ortiz


Gema Ortiz


Hi people I liked everything, I think it was a fantastic day! We all enjoyed a lot and we didn't want to return home! We also had a good behaviour so I think Paqui is proud of us! :)
Madrid is so beautiful and amazing, I hope we will go again together!
PD: Paqui, let's organize another trip! :))
Raquel Ortiz.

I agree with Raquel, I think we spent a very very good day, we had fun and we also learned many things about some monuments and pictures we saw in the Prado. I think Paqui should organize another trip, it was fantastic. 
María Torres.

Hello ! In my opinion this trip has been interesting and amazing because we have learnt a lot! I like too much the Inés' explications about some drawings of the Prado museum. I also like go shopping with Paloma, Raquel, Pilar, Gema and our private photographer Gabriel! It has been a great experience! I would like to repeat it ! :))

Laura Casero.

Hello!! I agree with my classmates. This trip has been very interesting and funny. We have had a good time and also we have enjoy and learned many things. I think you should organize another trip please!!With free time of course! I would like to repeat it. :)

Gema Ortiz

Hello mates. Paqui said me to write a post about the Bernabéu tour. Here are some photos:

The best team of the 20th century.

Golden foot, awarded to Alfredo Di Stéfano.

Some "Ballon d'or", golden boot, and FIFA World Player, awarded to some Real Madrid players.

The best trophy, Champions League (RM has 9)

The best president Real Madrid has ever had, Santiago Bernabéu.

This represents the final of the last Champions League RM won versus Bayern Leverkusen.

Me in the RM's changing room

And this is me seated on the RM's bench.

This is how I see the stadium seated on the bench.

Enrique Manzanares.