Friday, May 3, 2013


Today the lesson of Social Sciences has started at time because nobody has been late today .At first Paqui has said me that it was my turn to do the journal because Miguel hadn’t’ come to class. At first Paqui has said what people hadn’t come to class because there were a local event. Today in class had been only sixteen people.

After that Carmen has asked Paqui about the marks of the art’s projects but Paqui has said that she didn’t have the marks because she don’t have time and  she has only corrected the projects of Maria, Monica and Laura Casero.
Paqui has asked for silence because Fernando, Werse and Salva were talking. After that, Fernando has said to Paqui that he didn’t want to make the class because there aren’t enough students. Paqui has answered him that we have to make the class as normally.

Paqui has started talking about the project. She has said that the majority of the projects are very good but at always there are exceptions. She has also said that some people have put directly on the blog without any corrections. She has also reaffirmed that she is very satisfy with this projects and also has said that Enrique Perez is also  satisfy with his project because he didn’t have to add anything.

Paqui has explained that the purpose of this type of projects is to learn without study a lot of notes. Monica has said that she has learned a lot with this. Also Maria has commented that she likes the individual projects because you make it when you want, Paqui has answered her that we have to learn to work in groups not only individuall. Enrique Manzanares has said that he didn’t have enough time to meet to make projects because he wants to play football and only plays football.

After that Paqui has started talking about other project. This project will be in groups of three people and the principle themes will be:
-Spain under Alphonse XIII’s reign. (1902/1931)
-2nd Republic. (1931/1936)
-The Civil War. (1936/1939)
-Franco’s dictatorship (1931/1975)
-Democracy: to present Day. (1975/2013)

This caused an argument between some classmates because some groups wanted one thing and other groups wanted the same thing. Paqui has clarified this and she has said that at first Salva's group  choose what theme that he wanted because he and his group was the best group of lasts projects. Salva, Werse and Fernando  have said that they wanted the Civil War.
Paqui has asked about some groups and some themes but as in class there aren’t all the students, on Monday we have to answer that. Paqui has confirmed that the deadline of this project is on 17th June.

After this, Paqui has explained that yesterday she sent an e-mail about the information of next year. She has explained that we couldn’t choose Bachillerato de Excellence and Bilingual programme.  She also said that if there aren’t more than 10 students in bilingual programme she couldn’t make class. Maria has asked if in the enrolment she write Bachillerato de Excelencia and them isn’t enough students to make a class, she will change to Bilingual Programme. Paqui has answered she that the Bachillerato the Excelencia its approve so if there is only  four people there is a class. 

This brings a disagreement between some members of the class. Some people have said that this bachillerato is unfair because discriminate the people of others bachilleratos  and the people that needs more to learn fast.  Paqui has said that she didn’t want that her opinion influence in our decision or our way of thinking. 

Some people have commented that some trips like Ruidera is unfair because the people who don’t have biology lessons can't go to there. Paqui has said that some teachers have envy becuase they wanted to teach biligual students because our behaviour is better. 

After that Paqui has said us that in the exam it’s only included until features of unit 7. We didn’t have to study all the point number one because we don’t learn in class all this points. So in the exam is included unit 5 and in the point one until features (unit 7) stages and consequences no.

Paqui has showed us the document that she put yesterday into the blog. I was about two current news related to 19th century. I recommends us to visit this because there are very interesting things. 

After that Enrique Manzanares has said that there are so many visits to our blog.
Today there is an amazing thing. In the glossary we have only one word.
- To research: investigar.

I hope you like my journal. Enjoy this weekend but remember that we have to study for Wednesday's exam!!
Good Luck, See you:)


Enrique Perez Casero said...

Hi Elena.
I think your journal is very good and complete because we didn´t do nothing in the lesson. I had found one mistake, at the first paragrafh you said that "there are escenarios musicales" but I think it´s more correct like that "there was a local event" and that´s all. Very good!!
Bye bye

maria said...

Hi Hellen, your journal is very good and complete, you have done a very good work (Although you were talking with me, hahaha)
-Enrique Perez is also satisfy....
-he didn’t add anything-->He didn't have to add anything, I thinks is better.
-he want to play football and only play football-->He wants to play fo...and only plays foot...
-are the best group-->were...
- recommends -->Recommend

See you and study for the exam !!

Monica said...

Great journal Elena!
I like it.
Today it was a fantastic day, because Paqui said us thinks very beautiful.. jiji

Raquel Ortiz Escribano said...

Puuff...another work in groups?...I disagree mark will decrease as in the other term... I don't like working in groups...I hate it !!!!!!!!!!!!! It takes a lot of time and some people work more than the others and finally we all get the same mark...I disagree...
Well, good journal Elena! :)

Cristina Rodríguez de la Guía said...

Hi Elena, your journal is very complete and intersting !!! but I've found a minor mistake in the 6th paragrafh. It was a minor absent-mindedness. You said that "...this project is o 17th June.". You have to put "on".
Great work, and see you on monday

Roxana said...

Hello! I like your journal, I think it's very complete. These are the mistakes I have found:
- Sciences
- because nobody has been late today.
- because there were...
- sixteen people.
- she has only corrected
- there are exceptions
- She has
- on the blog
- the purpose ... is to learn
- not only individually.
- can't go there.
- because our behaviour
- they are very interesting things.
- there are so many visits.

Salva Fuentes said...

Hi Elena,

Your journal is good. I think you haven't understand why some people, including me, think that the Bachillerato de Excelencia is unfair. We think that it's unfair because it discriminates the people of the normal bachillerato. You have written that it discriminates the people that is intelligent. The "excelent" students in this new bachillerato will be in classes with less students so they will learn more because the teacher will have more time to solve the doubts of everyone. The students who have better marks will have more help. I think that this should be on the contrary, also because, as Paqui said, good students are usually sons of people with degrees and the students who don't have help at home usually have worst marks and they should have more help at school. The Bachillerato de Excelencia can also exclude genius, because most of them didn't have good marks at school (for example, Picasso, Einstein, Steve Jobs, Van Gogh, etc.). I also think that it's unfair because the government have increased the number of students per class because they said that they don't have money, while they have created an elitist bachillerato much more expensive than the normal one. Enough!

See you!

gema ortiz de la guia said...

Hi elena! :)
I agree with your classmates! good and long journal!
see you :)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


There are some mistakes about the contents:

- Enrique Manzanares didn't say that he only wanted to play football, but that he would have preferred making a project about football. I told him that if I were her teacher in 1º Bachillerato, he could do one about this topic.

- Not only Salva could choose the topic of the new project, but his group (Werselio and Fernando too)

- As Salva said before, the students who gave negative opinions about the new Bachillerato said that they don't like the idea because the resources will be focused on the best students (the ones who need less help)

- The comment about the trips to other places was because Salva asked me about the fact that the students in the Bilingual Section always go on trips and not other students. Salva asked me if I considered this fair. I said that the students go on trips because the teachers decide to organize them and this was one of the conditions of the Bilingual program when the school signed the contract with the Consejería. But it's not compulsory. And there are other teachers who organize trips in other subjects. They decide if they take the students out or not.

- Salva also asked me about the Bilingual program, if this wasn't also an elitist program. I said that the Bilingual Section is open to everybody. All the students who want can join the Bilingual program, because there are no limits of marks. I also asked you about the opportunity you had to learn in English and if you could have had access to this type of education if it hadn´t been for free in the school. This is a big opportunity for many people who don't have economic resources to pay for learning in another language.

- I didn't say that the teachers who don't teach in the Bilingual Section are envious. I said that many teachers have the idea that the students in the Bilingual Section are better and that's not true, because there are all type of students in the bilingual groups: students who work, who don't work, who study, who don't, who speak a lot, who arrive late, with bad behaviour (not in 4º, but there are in other levels)...

One last thing about the Bachillerato de Excelencia: Salva, they are not going to invest more money in it. The school will have to do it with the resources we have. This way, it's very cheap for them: doing more with less.

See you!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

One more thing: Enrique Pérez, I think that speaking about many things during the lesson, expressing opinions and reasoning is not the same as "doing nothing". Many people participated and I don't think we wasted time. Maybe you would have liked spending the whole lesson copying notes ;)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello again, Elena

Here you have my corrections. Read the comments I made before, because I think you didn't understand some things the students and I said during the lesson.


-...has started in time

-...has said to me

-...what people haven’t
come to class because therewas a local event. Todayonly sixteen people have been in class

-... marks of the art(’s) projects but .....she didn’t have the marks because she didn’t
have time and she has only given a mark to the projects of María...

-...that he didn’t want to have lesson because there weren’t enough students.

- ...most of the projects are very good but as always, there are exceptions

-...some people have posted them directly on the blog without any correction(s). She has also reaffirmed that she is very satisfied with these projects and also has said that Enrique Perez is also satisfied with his project because he didn’t think he had to add anything.

-...projects is to learn without studying

- ...not only individually

-...started talking abouta new/ another project. This project will be in groups of three people and the main
themes will be:

- This has caused an ...

-...(at) first Salva's group will choose the topic they preferbecause their project was
the best of the last projects

-...on Monday we’ll have to answer

-...Bachillerato of Excellence and the Bilingual programme. She has also said... If you write Bachillerato of Excellence in English, you should change the times you have written it in Spanish or on the other way around.

-...if in the enrolment she applies for Bachillerato de Excelencia and later there aren’t enough...

-...the Bachillerato de Excelenciahas already been approved , so if there are only four people….

- This has brought a disagreement

---- unfair because it
discriminates the people of other(s) bachilleratos and the peoplewho need more to learn fast... heropinion influences our decision or our way of thinking. Ruidera excursions are unfair...

- bilingual

-... said tous that the part of Unit 7 that will be included in the exam will only be until the features of WW1 . Wewon’t have to study all the point number one because we still haven’t studied all this point in class. So the exam will include Unit 5 and point 1 until the features of WW1

-...the document that she posted on the blog yesterday. It was about two current news related to art of the
19th century. I recommend you to ...

- ...amazing thing: we have only added one word to the glossary

See you!