Friday, May 3, 2013

Two current news related to 19th century art

The following are two current news related to what we've recently studied in class and the projects you've made: 

- Yesterday Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam reopened, after seven months closed. The museum has prepared a special exhibition to celebrate the reopening. It's called Van Gogh at work and is focused on how the Dutch genius worked and improved his technique. Here you have some interesting links, just in case you can learn more about the exhibition, the different periods of the life of Van Gogh and the letters he wrote to different people, especially to his brother Theo (many of them include drawings and sketches)

And this link includes all Van Gogh works of art: 

- The second news refers to today's celebration in Madrid. The 2nd of May is holiday in the autonomous community of Madrid. The date of the official holiday of the community was elected due to its relation with the uprising of the people of Madrid against the French Army on the 2nd of May 1808. Today the workers of the public health system in Madrid have performed a special version of the shootings Francisco de Goya depicted on his painting The Third of May 1808. They have gathered outside El Prado Museum to protest against the privatization of several public health services. Here you have the photographs: 

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