Wednesday, May 22, 2013

JOURNAL 22/5/2013

Hello classmates!!!
Today it's my turn to do the journal. Paloma, Mónica, Fernando G. and I have been late. 

Paqui has started the lesson showing us a PowerPoint presentation
We have seen these slides of the PowerPoint presentation:
-Signature of the Brest-Litovsk Treaty with Germany, in order to take Russia out of war.
 -Expropriation of lands to distribute them among the peasants.
 -Factories were put under workers´ control.
- Eight-hour day, unemployment pay and pensions for workers
-Religion was banned and divorce allowed
-The Constituent Assembly was dissolved and the “dictatorship of the proletariat” was proclaimed
-The Cheka (secret police) started arresting, torturing and killing those considered to be enemies of the State.
The first row of the class were speaking a lot and Paqui has become angry, she has said that she couldn't explain with that noise.

We have continued with the PowerPoint.
 Russia lost a lot of territories in the West: the best industrial and agricultural lands in Poland and Ukraine and the territories of Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

 PROBLEMS: CIVIL WAR (1918-1921)
The partisans of the tsar (part of the army, aristocracy and rich peasants)formed the White Army and declared war on the Bolsheviks. They received the support of the UK and France. The Bolsheviks organized the Red Army(directed by Trostky), mobilized 5million soldiers and ordered the total requisition of food (War Communism) 

The Bolsheviks finally won the war, but at a high cost:
-5 million dead by starvation and poverty
-total destruction of the productive system
-development of the black market and shortage of supplies in the official markets
The Bolsheviks managed to get rid of the other parties and control the soviets.

 -The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was created in 1922: federal State formed by 11 republics: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan
 - Totalitarian State:
- One/ Single-party system: the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), considered to be the representative of the proletariat. The Communist Party controlled all the institutions
- No division of powers: ruled by a Parliament called Supreme Soviet, which concentrated both the executive and the legislative power
- Those who opposed the government were persecuted and punished.
Enrique Pérez has asked Paqui the meaning of the flag of the USSR, she didn't know the meaning of the star, but she has sent me an e-mail and this is the meaning of the flag:
- the star represents the government of the Communist Party,
- the sickle represents the peasants,
- the hammer the industrial workers and
- the red colour comes from the banner of the Communist Party and was a tribute to the international aspect of workers' revolution.

Paqui has said that we study history because you learn things of the past to change the future.
 Economic policy launched by Lenin in order to recover production after the wars and the awful consequences of food requisition.
 Lenin defined it as State capitalism:
-Privatization of lands and small factories
-The State kept the control of the big industries, banks and foreign trade Results: economy quickly recovered
In January 1924 Lenin died and a fight for succession started:
-Trotsky wanted to export revolution to other countries (proletarian internationalism)
-Stalin wanted to consolidate revolution in the USSR (socialism in one country)
Finally Stalin managed to control the Communist Party, eliminated his enemies and became the leader of the USSR in 1927. Trotsky had to exile and was killed by Stalin's order in 1940.
Here's an interesting post about how Ramón Mercader, a spanish person, who killed Trotsky under the direction of Stalin with an ice-ax, because Trotsky didn't have the same ideas and because of this he was considered a enemy.

Finally, Paqui has said that we had to deciede when the exam is going to be, but like always, we have started to speak very loud and the date of the exam is not decided yet.
Paqui has two different propositions:
12th June: exam
17th June: make-up exam
18th June: we don't have lesson, but if there is someone in this situation (with one only term to resit), he/she can take the exam at first period with Paqui
7th June: exam
12th June: make-up exam
17th June: resit exam.

-State-owned property: propiedad estatal
-Supplies: suministros
-War communism: comunismo de guerra
-NEP: NEP (Nueva Política Económica)
-black market: mercado negro
-mixed system: sistema mixto
-requisition: requisa
-Trotskyite: trotskista
-ice-ax: piolet


maria said...

Hi Carlos, you have done a very good and complete journal. I have only found a mistake:
-We have to decided instead of we have said.
I prefer the second option because on the seventh of June, my class has a math exam.
You have made a good work, see youu:))

werselio escribano ortega said...

Hi carlos,
For me your journal is very complete. the journal also has a lot of photos and very good photos. I haven't found any misthakes. If we have to choose one option I choose the second one, the exam on the 7th of june the 12th of june the make up exam and the 17th the resit exam.
This is all, see you tomorrow.

gema ortiz de la guia said...

Hi Carlos!
Very good journal, I agree with my classmates.
I prefer the first option because this week I have all the exams and also this day too, And the 12th of June I will have more time to study. This is all.
See you tomorrow :)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Carlos,

These are my corrections.

-We have seen these slides of the PowerPoint presentation:

- killing those considered to be enemies

- The first row of the class were speaking a lot and Paqui has become angry, she has said. "Line" means "cola". "Row" is "fila".
- 5 million

- This sentence doesn't have sense:Those who opposed the government were persecuted and (Flag of the Soviet Union (USSR) ) punished. The part in brackets doesn't correspond with what you're explaining. The flag of the USSR doesn't have anything to do with this, but maybe you've included because you've copied everything on the slide.

-Enrique rez

- she didn't know the meaning of the star, but she has sent me...

- You've mixed several things here, because you've copied and pasted:

Finally Stalin managed to control the [[other countries (proletarian internationalism)]] Communist Party, eliminated his enemies and became the leader of the[[-Stalin wanted to consolidate revolution]] USSR in 1927. Trotsky had to exile and[[ in the USSR (socialism in one country)]] was killed by Stalin´s order in 1940.

Everything inside the double brackets has to be erased. You've mixed what happened with Stalin and Trotsky's ideas. You have to write this again, separating the information.

- a Spanish person, who killed

- ... that we had to decide when the exam is gooing to be

- ... has two different

You have to write complete sentences. You can't copy the notes of the ppt and that's it. You should explain things better. See you!