Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday, 24th of May, 2013


Today Alicia, Salva, Javi, Fernando G. and me have been late to the class and inmediately Paqui has told me that today is my tourn to do the journal. After that Paqui has told to Fernando G. that he spent his life sleeping. Today has also been a little different because most of my classmates have been in a biology trip in Ruidera, we have missed them. Then we have started the normal lesson. At first, Paqui has explained:

In January 1924 Lenin died and a  figh for succession started:

-Trotsky wanted to export revolution to other countries (proletarian internationalism).

Trotsky Portrait.jpg

 -Stalin wanted to consolidate  revolution in the RSSU (socialism in one cuntry).


  Finally Stalin managed to control the Communist Party, eliminated his enemies and became the leader of the USSR in 1927. Trotsky had to exile and was killed by Stalin's order in 1940.
  • STALINISM (1927-1953):
It was a period under the Stalin's government.
ECONOMY:  Stalin changed the orientation of the economic policy. His priority was to transform the USSR into an industrial power. He impossed:

- Collectivization of all the private properties: lands, factories, trnasports, banks became State property.
- Centraly planned economy: the State controlled and planned economy through the Gosplan (Ministry of Planning). They elavorated Five-Years Plan, in which they decided on all the production of the USSR. All the producers had to carry out all these plans. 

- Priority to heavy indudtry, to the detriment of light industry. 

Results: quick industralization of the USSR, but permanent luck of consumers' goods and consolidation of the black market.

An image explains that the Gosplan directed industry, agriculture, and trade.

File:Smoke of chimneys is the breath of Soviet Russia.jpg

 Paqui has told to Salva that before having big industries , people at first stablish small markets, shops and things like that.
Paqui has got angried with me because I was talking a lot with Alicia and in this way I couldn't listen to the lesson. And she has also got angried with Javi, Gonzalo, Erique M., and Fernando G. because they were playing.
 Paqui has also written on the blackboard the index of a new unit:
1. The USA: from the " Roaring Twenties"to the great Depressim and the new Deal.
2. Fascist Italy.
3. Nazi Germany.

And finally the vocabulary that we have seen todaty is:
-Roaring: rugiente
-Roaring twenties: felices años 20
-Contrally planned economy: planificación contralizada
-Five-Year Plan: Plan Quinquenal
-To blacknail: sobornar
-Surplus: excedente
-Wheat: trigo
-Weed: hierbajo/ marihuana
-Seaweed: alga
-To reach the goals: alcanzar las metas
-Statement: declaración
-To lack of: carecer de...
-Consumer goods: bienes de consumo

I know that my journal is very short but today we have dialgued a lot, so we haven't advanced in that unit.

So I hope you will have a happy weekend and study so much!

 Bye, bye:)


Isabel Rodríguez said...

Hei! I have forgot to include in my journal that the exam would be the next 12th of June!! See you!

maria said...

Hi Isa, your journal is good and almost complete, jajajajajaja. The mistake that I have found is that you have writen tourn instead of turn, anyway, you have done a good work, have a nice weekendddd,, see youuu !!

Marta Gómez said...

Hello Isa!

I've read your journal and I didn't found any mistake except the one María has already found, but anyway you have done a really good journal. And study for the exam!!
Bye, bye blonde!

Salva Fuentes said...

Hello Isa,

Your journal is good. I have found some mistakes:
-spent -> spend.
-figh -> fight.
-stablish -> established.
-Depressim -> Depression.

If you want to add more, you should include the example Paqui has explained to understand the problems that took place due to the centrally planned economy. The example was this: the Gosplan said that an industry of X cows have to produce 100,000 litres of milk per month. If this industry produced more or less this amount, the Ministry of Planning punished it. So, the problem was that one month there could be an epidemic in the industry and the production could fall and another month you can produce more than this amount, so you could be accussed of been a capitalist. All this led to the development of a black market to a big series of briberies (sobornos)to the Soviet politicians.

Have a nice weekend!

Raquel Ortiz Escribano said...

Hello people! We have spent a good time in Ruidera! It's amazing! We have missed you a lot too ! :) Well, I agree with the date of the exam, at least we don't have any exam the same day!
Bye-bye! Have a nice weekend, on Tuesday TO MADRIIIIIID !!!!!! :)))

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


Maybe the students who have been in Ruidera can write a post with some pictures ;)We'll do the same in Madrid.

As for your journal, Isabel, you haven't paid much attention today and you've missed most of the information about how the centrally planned economies worked. Pay attention to what your classmates tell you and add some more information. See you!

gema ortiz de la guia said...

Hi Isa! Your journal is good, but I think is short. I agree with my classmates. We had a good time in ruidera!
See you on Monday!:)

Fernando Marcos-Alberca said...

Hellooo today i haven´t come to class how other people becouse we have went to Ruidera, and it has was beatiful, but when and read this journal i understand all you do today, thanks. See you

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello again,

These are my corrections.

- today was my turn to do the journal has said to Fernando G. that he spends his life sleeping. Remember: say something to someone or tell someone something.

- ... a fighy for ...

- in the USSR

- ...under (the) Stalin's government. Take the "the" out.

- transports

- ...Centrally planned

- ...They elaborated Five-Years Plans

- permanent lack of ...

-...Paqui has told (to) Salva that before having big industries , people at first established small markets, shops and things like that. I think you didn't understand this. I talked about priotizing heavy industry and focusing only on becoming a big industrial power and the consequences of this. People couldn't have personal initiative, because this was considered to be counter-revolutionary.

-...has got angry with me...she has also got angry

- Word order: has also written the index of a new unit on the blackboard the Great Depression and the New Deal.

-...that we have seen today

- Centrally planned economy: planificación centralizada

- To blackmail

- What you did the other day was "babbling" or "chattering" (cotorrear). So, you can write this: I know that my journal is very short but today some of us have babbled a lot and others have asked a lot of questions, so we haven't advanced with the unit.

See you!