Monday, May 6, 2013


Today, as we have had the lesson after the breaktime many people has arrived late. The next day is the exam. Today was my turn to do the journal (it was on Friday, but I didn't come to class). We have been discussing about the next project half of the lesson, so today the journal will be short. We have been chosing the groups for the projects, and some of the girls (Gema, Monica, Pilar) have got angry becuse Pilar wanted to be alone. As always happens in this situations, each student has started to say what he want, some people wanted an exam instead of a project, other ones wanted to have a project, other ones wanted doing the project alone, other ones wanted to change the group.

 Me, for example, I wanted to do the project, but with Paqui's chosen groups, but Werse, Salva and Fernando didn't agree because they have already started the projects. My group is formed by Carlos, Enrique, Monica and I, and we have to do a project about the second republic.

After this we have continued with the unit about the Great War. This point is the last point which is included in the exam.
First we have seen the features about the Great War.

  • New and deadlier armament: machine guns, poison gas, flamethrowers, tanks, armoured cars, aircraft, submarines, railway guns. Soldiers suffered a lo and there were millions of dead and disabled
  • Civil population became war target. Cities were bombed and citizens suffered a lot at rearguard.
  • War economy: all the available resources were mobilized and destined for war, industries and agricultural production were restructured in order to supply the armies, women substituted men at work.
  • Governments of national unity, formed by the major parties.
Use of propaganda to rally population and demonize the enemy. Those who opposed war were considered traitors and sent to jail.
Poison gas

Then, Paqui has been reading in spanish some extracts from a book, called Fear, by Gabriel Chevallier, who talks about the Great War, the experiences he lived, the things he saw, the emotions he felt etc... She has said that this book is one of her favourites. 

  • Belligerent = beligerante.
  • Railway gun = obús.
  • Disabled = mutilado.
  • At rearguard = en la retaguardia.
  • Supply = abastecer.
  • To rally = agrupar.
  • Traitor = traidor.
I hope you like my journal, and as always, forgive me about my lateness, I arrive at home at nine o'clock. Study for the exam and good luck!.


Roxana said...

Hello! I like your journal and the photos you have included, but it is a little short. These are the mistakes I have found:
- what he or she wants, some people want an exam ... other ones want to have a project/ want/ want.
- I want / they don't agree
- Second Republic in capital letters.
- Spanish in capital letters too.
I think that you can summarize a little what Paqui has read: that at frist we wanted to go to war, but after seeing so many dead and ill people he wanted to como back home, that the living conditions were bad...

maria said...

Hi Miguer, Your journal is a little short but it's good.
I havent'f found any mistakes except Roxana's ones.
Good work, see you, and study for the exam !!

Enrique Manzanares said...

Hey you!
One mistake: Carlos, Enrique, Monica and I, you have to put "and me" instead of "and I"
I want to complain about the people who say that this journal is short. If it is good, it doesn't mind if it's short. I think this journal is long.
All in all, good work, see you.

Enrique Manzanares said...

I wasn't talking about Roxana. It is for some people that complain to me saying that my journal is too short (complaining in a bad way)

Monica said...

I´m agree with Roxana and Enrique. I think that if people said that the journal is short... they also have to said more things to add. In my opinion de journal is good and complete.
see you, bye

Miguel Bustamante said...

Thanks for your comments, I tryed to write all we did in class, but I didn't remeber anything more to say... We studied very few contents.
See you tomorrow.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


These are my corrections. The images you chose are good, but you could have added more information about what I read on Fear.

This is what you have to correct:

-...breaktime many people have arrived late

-.... We have been choosing

-...have got angry because Pilar wanted to work alone. As it
always happens in these situations, each student has started to say what he/she wanted...otherswanted to do a project, others wanted to do the project alone and others wanted to change the members of their group.

- For example, I to do the project, but with the groups Paqui formed ...

-...the Second Republic Spanish

-... forgive me about my delay

That's all!