Monday, May 20, 2013

Journal 20/05/13

Hello everybody!!

Today some people have stayed in the class with Paqui during the breaktime. The hall was completely in silence because all the people were outside. We have played football with a ball of aluminium in class and Paqui has said that we had to stop. When the bell has rung, the people have started comming into the class little by little and someone has arrived late. Later Paqui has become angry with us because we were speaking a lot. When we have kept silence, Paqui has continued with the Russian Revolution. The point of the unit we have started is:

February Revolution (1917):

With the strikes the people wanted the abdication of the tsar.
They got what they wanted, the tsar Nicolas II finally abdicated and Russia become a Republic ruled by the Provisional Government. That government made some reforms to transform Russia into a Democracy but they didn´t keep their promises.
1917 Abril:

The Germans helped Lennin to come back to Russia from Switzerland. The Bolshevik party issued the April Theses:
- No support to the provisional government.
- All power for the Soviets.
- Confiscation and Nationalization of the lands of Russia.
- Collectivization of factories.

Then I have asked Paqui where Lenin was during the tsar´s role and she has answered me that he was in Switzerland and he come back because the revolution was sucessful. Paqui has become angry with us another time because she said that if we speak all at the same time in the four corners it is imposible to follow with the class. After that, Werselio has said to me that if I could close the blind and I have said yes, of course! We have seen a cartoon´s video about all the Russian revolution (Paqui has lowered cuality lower to 240 and we couldn´t see the subtitles) where Lenin appeared singing in English in Russia :(  Lenin said the slogan of the Bolsheviks "Peace, land and bread". The video was for child and had some mistakes.


After this funny video, we have continued with the next point:

1917: July

The Bolsheviks tried to seize power in Petrograd, but they failed. After that, Lenin fled to Finland.
Some days later, General Kornilov tried to depose the Provisional government. The fame of the Bolsheviks increased and they took control of the Petrograd Soviet.

I have asked Paqui that if Lenin was the lider of the Bolsheviks and she has said yes and also I have asked her if the Provisional Government still ruled in that time and she said yes again.

October: The Bolshevik revolution

Bolsheviks took the control of the banks, communication buildings and stations in Petrograd and stormed the Winter Palace with no resistance. The Provisional Government was distroyed and the Bolsheviks formed a new government, supported by the Congress of the Soviets of Russia.

Paqui has said the the Provisional Government was established in the Winter Palace. In the place of the powerpoint where was this point, there is a photo of a re-enachment of a historical event that occured at night (The Storm of the Winter Palace).
Fist decisions of the Bolsheviks

- Signature of the Brest-Litovsk treaty with Germany to take Russia out of the war.
- Expropriation of the lands.
- Factories were put under worker´s control.
- Eight-hour day, unemployment pay and pensions for workers.
- Religion was banned.
- The distatorship of the proletariat was proclaimed.
- The Cheka (secret police) started arresting, torturing and killing the considered to be enemies of the                  State.


The Bolsheviks took power and they made some decisions for the people and workers. Paqui has said "aideoloyia" instead of ideology. After that, Paqui has given us a small sheet where song about the Russian Revolution was written again and we have sang it but very bad, only Paqui has sung it well because she knew it.





This is the real video of the real song Gimme, gimme, gimme (a man after midnight).


To seal- Sellar
April theses- Las tesis de Abril
To seize- Ocupar
To succeed- Tener éxito
Re-enactment- Representación

And that´s all for today, see you on Wednesday. Tá luego!! (Bye Bye)


elena escribano said...

Hello Enrique!!
I have read your journal and it's very complete, you have done a very good work, but I have found a mistake:
-and some has arrived later-->and some have arrived late.
See you!!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


I'm not aware of having said "aideoloyia", but maybe you're right. I speak a lot and as many of you don't keep silence, sometimes I lose the thread of what I was saying. Only those who never speak, never misspeak ;)

maria said...

Hi Enrique, you have made a very good journal and complete too. The only thing I think you could add is the documental that Paqui has recommended us about the last days of the Nicholas II, the tsar, and his family. Good work, see youu:))

Isabel Rodríguez said...

Hello Enrique! Your yournal is very complete and it has a very good organaization. I'm also agree with my classmates and I haven't found anymore mistakes! I think that's all. I hope that the next journal would be in the blog earlier to find MISTAKES! So bye bye and see you tomorrow! :)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello again,

These are my last corrections:

- ... When we have kept silence, instead of "become silence"

- The point of the unit we have started is:

- the people wanted to go out of the war... But what you wrote is wrong. The only thing they got in February was the tsar's abdication.

-...Russia became a Republic

- The Bolshevik party. But it wasn't really a party, but a faction of the Social-Democratic Party. And they didn't help Lenin come back from Switzerland. The Germans did. They brought him from Switzerland to Russia in a sealed wagon, because they wanted Russia out of the war and they knew that the Bolsheviks wanted the same.

- All the power for the Soviets.

- Slogan of the Bolsheviks:

- ...where Lenin was during the tsar's rule and she has answered me that he was
in Switzerland and he come back b

- and I have said yes, of course!

- has lowered the quality to 240 and we couldn´t see of the subtitles

- General Kornilov tried to depose

- I have asked.... she has said... and also I have asked.

-...was established in the Winter Palace.

- The Bolsheviks took power...

- where song about the Russian Revolution was written ...and we have sung it but very bad, only Paqui has sung it well because she knew it.

- on Wednesday

That's all. Good work!