Wednesday, May 15, 2013

MONDAY 13th May.

Hello mates, I'm sorry because my computer doesn't work and I couldn't write the journal before. This won't happen again. Sorry.

First, Paqui gave us the exams. My mark was 8'95!! This is the best mark I've ever get, but Paqui, as always, said me that I can do better (I'm agree with her).
Salva and Roxana got a ten, congratulations! Also, Javi got a 7'6 and Laura got a 9,75. I think few people failed the exam and Paqui was happy with our marks.

Then, Paqui showed us some films about World War I. Paqui was sure that we watched two films: Lawrence of Arabia and A very long Engagement. Also Paqui showed us Johnny got his gun, that is about a man who lost his arms, ears legs...

3rd STAGE: Crisis of 1917.

This was a critical year for all the belligerents: soldiers' mutinies in all the fronts, the Easter Rising in Ireland and a revolution in Russia. When the Bolsheviks took the power in October, they signed an agreement with Germany to stop fighting (Brest-Litovsk Treaty)
In the Ottoman Empire the Arab tribes revolted against the Turks and the British got a lot of territory. Lawrence of Arabia had an important role in this uprising.

The USA joined the war because the German naval war developed by the Germans had damaged trade and the German submarines had sunk the Lusitania, a British ocean liner.

4th STAGE: End of the war.

In the Eastern front, the Allies defeated Austria and the Ottoman Empire. In the Western front, the arrival of the USA troops was decisive. The Germans launched two offensives at the Somme and Marne, but they were stopped and started losing territory. There were revolts against the German government. Fearing a revolution, the heads of the army advised Kaiser William II to seek peace. On the 11th November there was a cease-fire and an armistice was signed at Rethondes. The Kaiser exiled in the Netherlands and the Republic was proclaimed in Germany.

For homework, we have to complete the Conference of Paris: who participated, document to prepare peace -> Wilson's Fourteen-Point Plan. The decisions: Separated peace Treaties with the losers (Versailles, Saint-Germain, Seures, Trianon) and Creation of the league of Nations, why didn't it work.

Also, I want to say two things: Gonzalo Martinez spilled few water in the soil and Paqui said that Isabel's exam was funny (I don't know why)


To torpedo: torpedear
Ocean liner: transatlántico
Sinking: hundimiento
Armistice: armisticio
To fear for: tener miedo de/temer.

I repeat. Sorry! This won't happen again!
Bye and see you!


maria said...

Hi Enrique, your journal is good and complete, and I agree with you, I am so happy with my mark, I think that more or less all the marks are good.
I haven't found any mistakes,Isabel's exam was so funny, I agree with Paqui, because Isa has written Herzegorrina instead of Herzegovina.

See you, byeee :))

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


There are few mistakes on your journal, but you have to be careful with numbers, because in English decimals are written with dots, not with commas.

These are my corrections:

- My mark was 8.95 8'95!! This is the best mark I've ever got , ...(I agree with her).

- Salva and Roxana got ten points ...Javi got7.6 points and Laura got 9.75 ...

- ...was sure that we had watched two films...The names of the films should be in Italic font (cursiva)

- Johnny got his gun, which is about

-... Versailles, Saint-Germain, Sèvres, Trianon) and Creation of the league of Nations, why it didn't work.

- ...Gonzalo Martínez spilled some water on the floor ...

And finally, I insist, you could get better marks if you made a bigger effort. See you!