Friday, May 17, 2013

17 of May 2013

Today in Social Science we have started the class asking to Paqui questions about the project. Then Paqui has explain us a little  the project and she has said that the project have to be expressive and visual and with drowings. Pilar was complaining. Paqui has said that if she has time she will write a post in the blog with  the guides. She has changed  the date of the project to the 14th of June. She also has said that we have to do the project the best we can. Andrea hasn´t have a group and Paqui has said that she has to choose a group. Andrea has chosen the group of Roxana.
Then we have started with the last point of the Unit 7, we are going to study THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION. We have to copy the index.

A) Rusia under the Tsars
B)The 1971 revolutions
C) THe Bolsstevik rule.

  1. Civil War and consequences.
  2. Creation of the USSR.
  3. New Economic Policy.
  4. Fight for power.
  5. Stalinism (1924-1953)
Then Paqui has explained us a little bit the introduction and we have started with the point A.
A)  Rusia under the Tsars

  • IMMENSE EMPIRE, but politically, economically and socially backwards with respect to WesternEurope.
  • AUTOCRACY: the Tsar ruled as an absolute monarch. He concentred a lot of powers, there wasn´t a Parliment and there were no elections. He was supported by the Orthodox Church, bureavcracy and the army.
  • Most of the population were peasants, their living conditions werevery hard and most of them were illiterate.
  • Only in same cities there were industries and workers.
Nicholas II, the Tsar and his family
We have spoke a little about about the wife of Nicolas II, Anastasia. We have said that the history of  her is a fairy tale.
Salva and Enrique P. have asked to Paqui same questions about the Revolution.
After that we have continued with the Political Parties:
All the political parties were forbidden.
  • SOCIALIST-REVOLUTIONARY PARTY: They defended the agrarian Reform.


Carmen, Fernando, Laura,  Salva have asked questionist to Paqui and she has answered them.
Roxana has said that there is a mistake on the book on page 55 in the sentense "reformists, led by Plejonov and Matov". Then we have continued with the point B, The 1905 Revolution.
The Russian defeat against Japan in the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905), shaved Russia´s backwardness and encouraged protests.
  • JANUARY (1905): a demostration of workers asking for better working conditions was brutally represed by the army: 200 people were killed.
  • The revolt extended to other parts of the century.
  • Saviets appeared and tried to coordinate protests.
  • The Tsar promised to make same reforms, but he didn´t keep his promises.
We have to copy the definition of  Saviet ( council of preseants workers and soldiers, which appeared for the first time in 1905 and reappeared in 1917. They tried to make reforms from below and impose their proposals to the goverment. 

Demostration of the Winter Palace Bloody Sunday 9th Juanary 1905

Battleship Patenkin
Then continued with Russia during World War 1:
  • Total disaster for the Russian  amrmy: they suffered continuous defeats against the Germans, who conquered a large amount of Russian territory.
  • The Tsar took personal command of the army and he was considered to be responsible for the disaster.
  • At least two millon Russian soldiers and two millian civilans were killed during the war.
  • The mobilization of millons of peasants reduced the harvests and provoked a shartage of food, an increase of prices and hunger.
  • Increasing desertions in the army and strikes in cities. Soviets reappeared and organized protests.
Then we have saw a presentation done by Paqui last year.

Here you have the link.
Other interesting link is this:

It´s a documentary about this unit.

Tsar: zar
Backwards with repect to: retrasado
Servant: siervos
Fairy tole: cuento de hadas
Menshevik: minoritary
Agrarian reform: reforma agraria
Demonstration: manifestación
Battleship Patemkin: El Acarazado Potemkin
Silent movie: película muda.
Shartage: escasez


Enrique Perez Casero said...

Hi Monica
Your journal is very good but I have found some mistakes:
- you´ve put "same questions" instead of "some".
- "drowings" instead of "drawings".
- "We have to copy the index" intead of "we had to copy the index".

Correct these mistakes, if you want, but the other perfect.
Bye Bye, see you

Salva Fuentes said...

Hi Monica,

Your journal is good. I have found some mistakes:
-Social ScienceS.
-the project HAS.
-Andrea DIDN'T have a group.
-questionist -> questions.
-Saviets -> Soviets.
-council of preseants workers -> council of peasants, workers.
-amrmy -> army.
-we have saw -> we have seen.
-Battleship Patemkin -> Battleship Potemkin.

Include the sources of the pictures.

Have a nice weekend!

maria said...

Hi Monica, your journal is good and complete but I have found some mistakes:
Fairy tole-->Fairytale
Has explain-->Has explained
Have spoke-->Have spoken
questionist--> Questions
Remember, you have to put the sources of the photos. Anyway, you have made a very good work.
Paqui has said that the Anastasia's film is a fairytale because Anastasia also died and in the film she was alife . It's a beautiful film, i love it when I was a child.

Roxana said...

Hello! Your journal is very good and complete. I like it! But Anastasia was Nicholas II's daughter not wife. These are the mistakes I have found:
- we have started the lesson asking Paqui...
- she will write a post on the blog..

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Mónica,

These are my corrections, although you classmates corrected some of them. Please, check them and correct:

- - we have started the lesson asking Paqui...Then Paqui has explained us the project a little and she has said that the project has to be expressive and visual and with drawings....she will write a post on the blog with the guidelines

- Andrea didn't have a group

- We have copied the index

- C) The Bolshevik

-... concentrated... Parliament, bureaucracy

- we have spoken a little about the tsar's daughter Anastasia... that her history is ...

-...some questions about...

- Marxist ideology

-...some questions

- sentence....Plejanov and Martov

- a demonstration... repressed


- We have copied the definition of Soviet: councils of peasants, workers... government

- Then we have continued with Russia during World War 1:

-...Russian army

- At least two million Russian soldiers and two million civilians

- The mobilization of millions of peasants reduced the harvests and provoked a shortage of...

- Then we have seen

- Another interesting link is this one. You could add what the link is about. In my e-mail I told you that it was about the last days of the tsars in Russia and the history of Anastasia.

- Servants

- Fairy tale

- Menshevik: menchevique minoritary in October 1917

- Battleship Potemkin

- Shortage

Be careful with spelling. You write very fast with the computer!

See you!