Friday, June 16, 2017

Some videos and songs about the Protestant Reformation

Here you have some videos and songs about the Protestant Reformation:

Causes of the Protestant Reformation:

Martin Luther Song by History Teachers:

The Protestant Reformation in a nutshell:

Reformation Rock:

Turning points in history: the Protestant Reformation:

Results of the Protestant Reformation:

Henry VIII's six wives, by Histoy Teachers:

Henry VIII and Anglicanism:

Presentation and videos of Renaissance art

Here you have the presentation and the videos we watched the other day about Renaissance art. You can draw inspiration from them for your projects:

Renaissance art video from TICE Art 1010:

Some videos about Leomnardo Da Vinci:

Some videos about Michelangelo:

Friday, June 9, 2017

Some videos to review Fascist Italy

Here you have some short videos that you can use to review Fascist Italy:

And this is a short vide that explains Mussolini's transformation from Socialist to Fascist:

Cult of violence:

Cult of Mussolini's personality:

Some videos and songs about the 1929 Crash, the Great Depression and the New Deal

The Great Depression in one minute:

Smart songs Rap about the Great Depression:

A song to review the New Deal:

Songs to review the Russian Revolutions

Karaoke version of ABBA's Gimme, Gimme, Gimme song to learn the 1917 Russian Revolution:

Peace, land and bread:

The sound of Stalin: