Saturday, July 9, 2016

Renaissance art videos

This project was made by 3rd ESO students and they had to explain some important art works of the Renaissance style. They worked in groups of 3-4 students too:

 - By Cristina García, Carlos Herencia and Beatriz Olivares


- By Paula Manzaneque, Laura Ortiz, Ángela Bustamante and Sergio Olivares


 - By Sergio Alarcos, Mª Antonia Costea and Marta Huertas


 - By Chaoyi Lin, Laura Quintanar and Elena Violero


 - By Mª Rosa Amores, Rubén González, Ángel Villafranca and Cristina Naranjo


 - By Daniel Martínez de la Hidalga, Marcos J. Manzanares, Elena Abad and Silvia Alberca


Press conferences with important figures of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation

This was a project made by the 3rd ESO students in June. In groups of 3-4 students they had to prepare a press conference and ask questions to one of the main figures of the Protestant Reformation and the Counter-Reformation. In some of these interviews there were some snoop journalists who asked inappropriate questions. 

- INTERVIEW TO POPE LEO X (Chaoyi Lin, Laura Quintanar and Elena Violero)


- INTERVIEW TO MARTIN LUTHER (Elena Abad, Silvia Alberca, Daniel Martínez de la Hidalga and Marcos J. Manzanares)


- INTERVIEW TO JOHN CALVIN (Mª Rosa Amores, Rubén González, Ángel Villafranca and Cristina Naranjo)

- INTERVIEW TO HENRY VIII (Sergio Olivares, Ángela Bustamante, Laura Ortiz and Paula Manzaneque)

- INTERVIEW TO EMPEROR CHARLES V (Mª Antonia Costea, Marta Huertas and Sergio Alarcos)

- INTERVIEW TO POPE PIUS IV (Jesús Herencia, Cristina García and Beatriz Olivares)

This group had problems to work together, so they made two different interviews:


Videos about some events of the High and Late Middle Ages

This project was made by 2nd ESO students. They worked in groups of 3 to 5 and prepared videos to explain some events of the High and Late Middle Ages. The contents of the videos were about some specific topics of the political and religious history of Europe in the High and Late Middle Ages:

The students prepared the scripts and drawings in class and recorded  and edited the videos at home. 

Here you have some examples: 


 - By Nadia Charqi, Sara García, Fran Rosado and Pablo Castillo


 - By Héctor Alberca, Laura Lucerón and Miguel Violero



 - By Juan Diego Alcolado, Lidia Utrilla, Andrea Molina, José mIguel Villacañas and Jesús Manzanares)


- By José Manuel Pérez, Óscar Olmedo, Isabel Marcos-Alberca and Jesús Vaquero



- By David Panadero, Silvia González Alberca, Manuel Iniesta and Verónica Simionca)


 - By Mireia Panadero, Álex Ruiz and Hilario Barrios



 - By Malena Ruiz, Mark Eduard Zegrean, Fernando Pintado and Marta Medina

 - By Fran Merino, Ángel Garrigós and Belén Ucendo



- By Elia Bravo, Vicente Sánchez-Gil, Carlos Ruiz and Ana Nieves Violero


 - By José Manuel Quirós, Pablo Honrubia, Jaime Sánchez and Natacha Olivares


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Comic strips about Spain in the 19th century (Part 2)

Here you have the second part of this project:

This one was made by Carlota López, Benjamin Scrobota and Lucía Villafranca: 

This project was made by Jorge Huertas, María Lucas-Torres, Manal Mohrradi and Antonio Rodríguez Manzaneque: 

This project was made by Soufiane el Karboubi, Pilar Moratalla, Rodrigo Orduña and Eva Mª Pérez:

This last project was made by Marta Huertas, Denisa Pavel and Mª Lucía Rodríguez