Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Comic strips about Spain in the 19th century (Part 1)

This year the students studied Spain's history in the 19th century through the design of a comic strip. They worked in groups of three- four students and they had to explain the main periods and episodes of 19th century Spain with drawings. As usual, the same project was made both by students who study the subject in Spanish and those who study it in English:

This project in Spanish was made by 4th ESO D students Lucía Horta, David Ortiz, Manuel Palomino and Patricia Pérez:  

The following comic strip was made by Lorena Alberca, Carlos Bravo, Eva López de la Vieja and Fátima Panadero:

The following project was made by Anca Albu, Andrei Mihaila, María Pérez and Jaime Ucendo

This one was made by Diana Ardius, Santiago Blázquez, Sara Díaz-Ropero and Eva Ortiz: 

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