Saturday, July 9, 2016

Press conferences with important figures of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation

This was a project made by the 3rd ESO students in June. In groups of 3-4 students they had to prepare a press conference and ask questions to one of the main figures of the Protestant Reformation and the Counter-Reformation. In some of these interviews there were some snoop journalists who asked inappropriate questions. 

- INTERVIEW TO POPE LEO X (Chaoyi Lin, Laura Quintanar and Elena Violero)


- INTERVIEW TO MARTIN LUTHER (Elena Abad, Silvia Alberca, Daniel Martínez de la Hidalga and Marcos J. Manzanares)


- INTERVIEW TO JOHN CALVIN (Mª Rosa Amores, Rubén González, Ángel Villafranca and Cristina Naranjo)

- INTERVIEW TO HENRY VIII (Sergio Olivares, Ángela Bustamante, Laura Ortiz and Paula Manzaneque)

- INTERVIEW TO EMPEROR CHARLES V (Mª Antonia Costea, Marta Huertas and Sergio Alarcos)

- INTERVIEW TO POPE PIUS IV (Jesús Herencia, Cristina García and Beatriz Olivares)

This group had problems to work together, so they made two different interviews:


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