Saturday, July 9, 2016

Renaissance art videos

This project was made by 3rd ESO students and they had to explain some important art works of the Renaissance style. They worked in groups of 3-4 students too:

 - By Cristina García, Carlos Herencia and Beatriz Olivares


- By Paula Manzaneque, Laura Ortiz, Ángela Bustamante and Sergio Olivares


 - By Sergio Alarcos, Mª Antonia Costea and Marta Huertas


 - By Chaoyi Lin, Laura Quintanar and Elena Violero


 - By Mª Rosa Amores, Rubén González, Ángel Villafranca and Cristina Naranjo


 - By Daniel Martínez de la Hidalga, Marcos J. Manzanares, Elena Abad and Silvia Alberca


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