Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday 29th of May

Hello Everybody!!! :)

Today in Social Sciences, we have started the class talking about the yesterday's trip and the post that Paqui wrote, in which we have to complete putting photos and comments about the trip to Madrid.

After that, we have started the Unit 8: The interwar period. The teacher has put the index on the blackboard and we have completed it with information from the powerpoint.

Unit 8 index:
  1. The USA: from the Roaring Twenties to the Great Depression.
  2. Fascist Italy.
  3. Nazi Germany.
Today we have only up to half of the first point.

1.a) First World Industrial Power: 
  • During WW1 the USA supplied the belligerent countries with raw materials, industrial products and weapons.
  • The European countries owed a lot of money to the USA.
  • Intact productive system after the war.
  • Small human losses with respect to other countries.
  • Owners of half of the world gold reserves.
  • The dollar became the predominant currency in international trade.

1.b) American Way of life:
The USA became a dream for thousands on immigrants of all over the world.  

After the teacher explained this section, my classmate, Mónica, has asked if the creator of the coke was still alive, and the teacher has said no, he died many years ago, and she has explained that only he and other person knew the secret ingredient. Apart, we have also been talking about that the coke takes a small dose of cocaine and that many people are addicted to it.

After this subsection, we have continued with section "C".

1.c) Prosperity and consumer society:
In this point we have told about that the industrial production growth and was stimulated by the payment in instalments and the baking loans.
Also we have said that the prosperity had an other face, the prohibition of producing, selling and consuming alcoholic drinks contributed to the extraordinary developmente of the mafia. On this part we have speaked about the famous actor Charlie Chaplin, because it was an alcoholic and that it was forbidden in USA.

Here we have a photo of an illegal bar in USA, known as Speakeasy.

Today's Glossary:

-Cover: portada
-To roar: rugir
-The Roaring 20's: los felices años veinte
-War loans: créditos de guerra
-Currency: divisa
-Loan: crédito
-Quarantine: cuarentena
-Iron: plancha
-Consumer society: sociedad de consumo
-Silent movies: cine mudo
-Tramp: vagabundo
-To be in force: estar en vigor
-To come into force: entrar en vigor
-Prohibition law: ley seca
-Income tax return: declaración de la renta
- Speakeasy: bar ilegal

This is all for today! Bye Bye mates, see you!! :)


Salva Fuentes said...

Hi Laura,

Your journal is good, but I have found some mistakes:
-social science -> Social Sciences.
-ON the blackboard.
-The roaning 20s -> The Roaring 20's.

You can do your journal a little longer. See you!

maria said...

Hi Laura, your journal is good, you have made a good work, I have only found Salva's mistakes. And I agree with him, you can do a journal a little longer. See youu:)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Laura,

These are my corrections:

- ...about (the) yesterday's trip. Erase the "the"

-... wrote, that we have to complete putting photos and...

- Today we have only studied half of the first point.

- has explained that only the CEO (Chief Executive Manager and another person know the secret ingredient. Apart, we have also been talking about that the coke includes a small dose of cocaine and that many people are addicted to it.

-...the industrial production grew

-...had another face

-...we have spoken about the famous actor Charlie Chaplin... I think you didn't understand this part. I said that Charles Chaplin made several silent movies in which he perfomed the character of a tramp, always looking for a job. But he wasn't an alcoholic. YOu should change this.

See you!