Thursday, February 23, 2012

23rd Thursday of February,2012


Today in social sciences Paqui has explained with a little sumary about the things we learnt yesterday about the scramble for Africa, while we have seen a power point.

Daniel and Ángel have asked about why Africa was distributed and Paqui has answered them that the african people couldn´t defend because they were inferior in weapons and in technology.

In the powerpoint there is a picture where you can see people without a hand, there are also children. Then Paqui has explained us that our maps of empires are bad, because there are people that didn´t write any name and the people who wrote the names they had some mistakes. After that Ana Isabel has read a part of the big colonial empires and Paqui has explained it and later she has explained the Imperialism of the U.S.A, Japan and China.

In China Imperialism there were two opium wars between China and U.K., for this reason China reacted trained to attack and defend them.

We have spoken about some american factories as IPad and Apple, they are american factories but they products were manufactured in China because the workers works as slaves.

We also spoke about: Hong Kong, Popular democracy, Communist Party...

When Mari Luz was going to read the consequences of Colonism the bell has rung. Paqui has given us the exercises 9, 10 and 11.

New words


Scramble: reparto de Africa

Opium: Opio

Coveted: Codiciado

Shintoism: sintoísmo

Meiji Era: modernización de Japón

Wings: alas

Bald eagle: águila calva

Martial art: arte marcial


Laura Bustamante said...


I've seen a mistake:
-in line 1; instead of: sumary of we saw, it should be.. Paqui has explained with a little sumary the things that we saw....

In my opinion, you can explain a little more about the opium's wars. For example that the UK won, and for this reason China has to reacted.
This is all for my part.

Bye! See you tomorrow

Rebeca García said...

Hello Bea, I think that you have to check some things:
-It´s better to say a summery about the things we learnt yesterday…
-While we have seen a power point
-Africa was distributed
-African people, no africans.
-The products were manufactured in China because….the workers work.
You can also say why the people has only a hand, and explain the territories that Japan and the U.S.A occupied and the reaction of China.

Manuel Cruz Martínez said...

Good Journal Bea but you have some mistakes, I found one more mistake when you write becuse it´s because in the 5th paragraph, and you sould explain more some things but good journal Bea!

Manuel Cruz Martínez said...

I forget! you should explain the image you have put but if you correct the others mistakes it´s ok.

Sara Gil Martín-Serrano said...

I think in the second paragraph you should write "....couldn't defend THEMSELVES.
And well, I supose that you haven't realised that you've written becuse in lieu of "becAuse".
That's all!
Anyway, your journal it's OKAY!

Mªluz Ortiz S-Manjavacas said...

Hello Bea! Very good journal!
But you have to put the source behind the image. And I think you can complete the journal more because you only put the the things we have learned but you can explained it a little more how is it about and like this.
Bye bye see you on monday. Have a good weekend.