Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wednesday, 1st of February


Yesterday I couldn't write the journal because I was doing a project and I finished at half-past eight. I'm so sorry. I am going to write it now.

Yesterday in social sciences, Cristina was with us. At first, Cristina has started her computer and we started to correct the exercise.

- The exercise number 10 (that was corrected by Manuel) was Explain the first workers' protest. The answer was fine and Cristina complete it with a slide of the powerpoint.
- The exercise number 11 (that was corrected by me) was Define class cousciousness. I have answering with a little more things that there weren't relacionated with the question, but the rest was fine.
- The exercise number 12 (that was corrected by Angel) was Explain the first attempts of organization of workers. Angel gave the answer of the question number 10. After, Cristina asked to Javier and he said the correct answer. In this part of the class, we were talking about the mutual benefit societies and Laura asked Cristina how is the word fee in english, she said that is: "cuota". And Laura also asked to Javier from were he copied his answer, he said that his answer was a summary of the second a third paragrafh of the page 29.
- The exercise number 13 (that was corrected by Bea Antequera) was Explain what utopian socialism was. Bea gave the good answer and Cristina completed it with a slide of the powerpoint here you have the link
Afterwards, Cristina copied the traduction of the word Luddism in the blackboard (that means ludismo o movimiento mecanoclasta), and a list of antonym and she copied it in the blackboard. Here you have:
- Useful with his antonym useless.
- Painful with his antonym painless.
- Worth with his antonym worthless.

- And at least, the exercise number 14 (that was corrected by Andrea) was Explain the main ideas of Marxism/scientific socialism. She gave the correct answer and Cristina show us a slide of the powerpoint of  a comic for understand the question better (the link of the powerpoint is up)

Then the bell rang. We have outstanding the exercise number 15 for check and Crstina gave us for homework the final exercise the number 16.

I repeat that I'm so sorry and I want that Paqui come with us as soon as posible . Bye


Enrique Vázquez said...

Hello Juan Carlos!
Remember you have to write the journal in time!
It's not bad, but I think you can say something more about the class, not only that we checked the exercises.

You have some mistakes:
4th line: "stated" started
6th line: "a" and
17th line: "aske" asked
22nd line: "mecanaclasta" mecanoclasta.
23rd line: I think "she copied it in the blackboard" it not necessary there, because you said it at the beginning of the paragraph.

I think is ok, but you can do it better!!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Apart from not doing your work in time, your journal hasn´t got a title and you have to include a picture related to the contents of the class.

Juan Carlos said...

I have already corrected the mistakes that you founded Enrique, thanks for post!