Monday, September 20, 2010

15th of september 2010

Today it's was the first day in the High School. All the morning was a complete disaster because we didn't find the classes. In Social Sciences Paqui has given us a paper with the assessment criteria of the subject and then Paqui has explained us the percentages of the evaluation. We have talked about the reflective journal and Paqui has said to us that this year it will be easier, because we will only have to write the journal each 25 lessons, because we are going to be alterned to write it. But the blog is under construction. For homework we have to think in a name for the blog and write the reflective journal.

To participate in the blog we have to create a gmail account.

This class was fantastic, because we didn't copy anything!!!


Rebeca García said...

I like the picture, it´s nice

Ángel Aranda said...

Hi dani!
In the last sentence you have done a grammar mistake. You have said:
This class were fantastic, ...

And you really want to said this class was fantastic,... is one class no more.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Weel done, Ángel!I like that you are able to see the grammar mistakes and check them!

Dani, if you read this, you can correct the mistakes you (or the others)find: go to Editar entradas and choose the post you want to correct and click on Editar. You can change what you want. When you finish click on Publicar entrada and that´s it!

dani said...

ok I change it, thanks Ángel!

Laura Meco said...

Hi Dani!There is another grammar mistake:
You have written "we was talking about..."
And it must be "we were talking about..."

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Very good, Laura! I like this interaction!

Enrique Vázquez said...

Hi, Dani
you also can add that Paqui also expleined us about the materials we are going to need this year.

In the sentence "we have to think in a name", is better to put "we have to think a name for the blog.

Very Good journal