Wednesday, September 22, 2010

22nd of September 2010

Today in Social Sciences, Paqui has given us our corrected map of Europe. Then, we have finished and given the America map. After, we have played password with the countries and its capital cities. Finally, we have played some games on the Internet to learn and study in different ways the countries and capital cities of Europe. This class has been very interesting. I think that we have to do this everyday...


Javier Alberca said...

Today it has been a very funny class!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Very good, Bea! I like the picture you have included on your post. I think it´s very appropriate to show what we have done today. Of course, we´ll use games like these to learn more ;)

You can also play at home to study the American countries. I recommend you especially the game that includes the pronounciation of the countries and capital cities. Good work!

Kelly said...

Hello Bea!
Very nice entry. It seems like you had a fun class today.

I want to correct you one grammar point - word order. The first mistake I am going to correct for you. The second one I want you or a classmate to think about how to correct it.

#1 Instead of "Europe's map corrected", you should say, "corrected map of Europe/corrected Europe map".

#2 What is the correct word order of this phrase, " learn and study in different ways the countries and capital cities of Europe."?

Kelly said...

Was the class fun or funny? Be careful, because there is a big difference between the meanings of these words. :D

Javier Alberca said...

ok thanks!

Yolanda Rubio said...


It's the first time that I visit the blog and I think it's interesting to work of this form, becouse it's fannier than the dyarie in the workbook.

Today the class has been very funny, but we have spoken a lot.

This isn't of Social Science but Cristina and Ana Margarita have said us that maybe we'll tavel to New York!!! If this is true, It going to be fantastic!!

kelly, I send you kiss.

Yolanda Rubio said...

sorry, I have written becouse and it's because.

Enrique Vázquez said...


Good journal!
How did you do the picture?

PS: Look my blog!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Welcome Yolanda. Better late than never!

Pay attention to the spelling mistakes. You have to review what you have written before publishing your comment.

If you go to New York, I would like to go with you. Visiting New York is one of my dreams.

Try the games to learn the American countries and write your opinion on the correspondent post. See you on Friday!

Beatriz Antequera said...

ok! I'll do it the next time

Ana de la Fuente said...

Hello everybody!
I think that she has reason, that this class was very interesting. The password is very good to go study and the games of internet is very good too, to study.

Ana Mora said...

Hello!I´m Ana Margarita but you can call me Ana, as you prefer.
This blog is fantastic. I´m really astonished with your way of working and participating in this blog. We´ll be in touch