Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hello everybody!
Today, in the class of Social Sciences, at the beginning ,  Paqui has told us  that some people of the class have come later so she has written a negative in behaviour’s aspect in her notebook. Then Paqui has opened the blog and she has showed us the final results of elections of the United States of America. The results have been:  Barack Obama with 59,623,480 popular votes and Mitt Romney with 56,992,152 popular votes at the moment, so Barack Obama continues to govern the United States of America. Also Paqui has said us that she has put some videos on the blog to understand the American Revolution and she has recommended us that we see them.
Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Later we have corrected the exercises that Paqui gave on Monday. They were the thirteen and fourteen on page eleven .Carlos Rivas has corrected the thirteen exercise and it was about the reasons of discontent of North American Colonists. The reason of the colonist's discontent were:
·        -- No representatives in the British parliament: they couldn’t  express their opinion
·         --Constant tax increase
·        --- British trade monopoly over the colonies: they couldn’t buy or sell their products to other places.

Jesus has corrected the exercise number fourteen. It was about the Boston Tea Party. The Boston Tea Party was that some colonists dressed as Indians and threw all the tea cargo of a British ship away to Boston harbor.

Then Paqui has continued with the lesson on  point number three (the independence of the 13 colonies in North America) She has explained the events before the independence:
              -In 1759 to 1765: It was the Seven Years' War. Great Britain fought against France and Spain to defend their respective colonial empires. The British government decided to  increase taxes.
·        -  1770: Boston Massacre: Five colonists who protested against taxation  were killed.
·         -1773: Boston Tea Party
·        - 1774: the British goverment closed Boston Harbor as a punishment for the Boston Tea Party.
·        - 1776: Thomas Paine  published “Common sense” a pamphlet criticizing the British government and demanding independence.
4th July of 1776: The representatives of the colonies who met at the 2nd Continental Congress in Philadelphia, decided to declare independence from Great Britain. The declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson.

Paqui has also explained us some concepts of the present such us the Tea Party that it’s a extreme right side of the Republican party and it appeared in 2009 as a reaction against Obama and the power of Federal government and the Caucus which is a political meeting to decide on the candidate of a party for the elections.
Paqui has sent for homework the exercise 15 of the unit which is about the independence of the USA.
The glossary of today is:
·        - Disguised/dressed as: disfrazado de
·         -Cargo: cargamento
·         -Harbor: Puerto
·         -Massacre: massacre
·       -  Lead: plomo
·        - Stamp: sello
·        - To charge: imponer un impuesto(cobrar)
·        - Pamphlet: pamfleto
·       -  Farther: mas lejos
·       -  Unaliable: inalienable (that can’t be removed by anybody)
·       -  To break ties: romper los lazos
·        - To violate: quebrantar
·        - To rape: violar (physical meaning)

            I hope you like it
            See you tomorrow!



Marta Gómez said...

Hello Hellen!
Your journal is very good, but I find some mistakes. At the beggining of the second paragraph you have written "More later" and is only "Later", in the same line you have written "Paqui sent" and is "Paqui has sent". In the third paragraph, second line is "tea cargo". I didn't find more mistakes. Bye bye Hellen, good work!

Salva Fuentes said...


Your journal is complete but you can add that for homework we have to do exercise 15 of the unit, which is about the War of Independence of the U.S.A.

Bye bye!

Jesus Morales said...

I think that it's good and complete but I think that it has some mistakes:
-The reason for the colonist discontent was-> The reasons of the colonists' discontent were:
In the glossary:
-Habor-> Harbor
-massacre(in spanish)-> masacre
-pamfleto-> panfleto
-farder-> farther

See you!

Roxana said...

Hello! Your journal is very good but I have found some mistakes:
- Social Sciences in capital letters.
- Some videos ON the blog.
- the exercises that Paqui gave on Monday.
- exercise thirteen.
-Paqui has also explained...

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello everybody,

My corrections today will refer to formal aspects. Tomorrow I´ll correct the mistakes you haven´t found.

Elena, you have to write a title for your post and you have to change the source of the first picture. It´s too long. When you look for a picture on Google and you find the one you want, first you have to close the picture and then copy the link. It´s shorter. You should also add a caption to every picture you include.

Tomorrow more. Good night!

Isabel Rodríguez said...

Hello Elena!
I'm agree with the mistakes have said to you... but I have also find ones more in the last paragrhap: ... Caucus WHICH IS a political meeting..

I think there aren't more mistakes.. so bye bye, and good work!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello all,

These are my additional corrections. The ones the students have done are all OK:

- First line: ... has said to us/ told us. "Said us" is incorrect. I´ve corrected the same mistake many times
-.. on her notebook
-... final results of the elections in the United States
- The results have been
- Teachers don´t send exercises/homework: teachers give exercises/homework This is another mistake I ´ve corrected many times.

- ... exercises 13 and 14
-.. Parliament in capital letters
- Jesús with accent
-... has continued with the lesson. "Class" refers to the room
- ...on point n. 3
-... She has explained the events before the independence/ the precedents of the independence
- Seven Years´War in capital letters

-... to defend their respective colonial empires
-... to increase taxes
-... who protested against taxation/ new taxes
- In 1774 the British government closed Boston Harbor as a punishment for the Boston Tea Party
- 1776: Thomas Paine published Common sense. Write the title of the pamphlet in Italic font.
-... Continental in capital letters.

- The Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson

- Caucus: a political meeting to decide
- Disguised/dressed as: disfrazado de
- Lead: plomo
- To charge is "cobrar". In that context it meant imponer (un impuesto), but its general meaning is "cobrar"
- unalienable: inalienable

That´s all about grammar and spelling. I think you could also add what we saw about the ideas contained in the DEclaration of Independence and their relation with Enlightenment.

Remember to change the sources of the pictures and include the captions.

Isabel, I AGREE. I´ve also corrected this mistake many, many, many times. You should pay more attention.

That´s all. See you tomorrow!