Wednesday, November 21, 2012

21th November 2012

Hello everybody!

Today in Social Sciences we have entered and Paqui had a power point presentation of the Enlightened Despotism. She wanted to start the class as quickly as possible. At firts Paqui has reviewed our homework about the Esquilache riots, enlightened reforms of Charles III and the limitations of that reforms. The exercises were 21, 22 and 23 of the page 11. The first exercise (ex.21) was corrected by Raquel Ortiz. It was about the Esquilache Riots:
The privileged took advantage of people´s discontent due to the high prices of staples and public order ordinances and instigated a revolt against Esquilache, the main Secretary of Charles III´s goverment. The riots lasted for three days and finally Charles III dismissed Esquilache.
Paqui has also said something about the expulsion of the Jesuits because they were accused of having instigated the riots and their direct obedience to the Pope.

Afther that, Paqui has gone to the blog to explain something about Esquilache. She has said that he created the first lottery and the prices liberty. Then Carmen Lucía has corrected the exercise number 22 about the Charles III´s reforms. Some important reforms were:
-Reinforcement of the king´s authority over the church.
-Creation of primary schools and report of universities.
-Expulsion of Jesuits.
-Colonization of new lands.
-Limitation of the privileges of the Mesta.
-Liberalization of the prices of wheat.
-Support of Economic Societies of the Friends of the Country in promotion of agriculture, industry and trade.
-Decree declaring the honesty of all professions.
-Liberalization of trade with the Indies.
-Tariff to protect the national industry from the foreign competition.

Paqui has explained that people considered manual work to be dishonest and they those who lived without working.
After that, someone has talked about Gandia Shore (reality show) and Paqui said that she doesn´t like it.

The last exercise has been corrected by Gema Ortiz, and it was about the question "Why were these reforms limited". It was because they didn´t question the structure of the Ancien Regime and they weren´t the owners of their lands.
At the end of the class, we have known Charles III´s heir: his son Charles IV but we didn´t finish it. Paqui also said that on Friday we are going to decide the date of the exam. He was like the king Juan Carlos I. Paqui also has said that Charles IV had 13 sons. Paqui has said that he was Stupid.


  • Staple: all the basic products, cereals, potatoes...
  • To store: almacenar.
  • Hoarder: Speculator who accumulates products to take advance and increase their prices when they are starce.
  • To instigate: instigar, azuzar.
  • For a while: por un tiempo.
  • Mesta: Stockbreeders.
  • Riots: Motín.
  • Rioter: Amotinando.
  • Dishonest: Desonesto.
  • Scapegoat: Chivo expiatorio.
  • Privilege of passing: Privilegio de paso.
  • Economic help: subvenciones.
  • Report: Informe.
While you turn the head to write, Paqui has written two more words on the blackboard to the glossary.

And that´s all. See you in the next programme!!


Ángel-Manuel Abad said...

Hello Enrique,

Your journal it's very good and long, overcoat "Gandía Shore", but you have some mistakes:
-Enlightened reforms... no enlighthened reforms...
-Hight --> high
-Dismised --> dismissed
That's all, bye Cat

maria said...

Hi Enrique.

Your journal is very good, I don't found any mistakes.

I think you can add that Paqui said that on Friday we are going to decide the day of the exam.

And I think that in the exercise 3 you can add that the people continued to be poor, they weren't owners of the lands they cultivated and they didn't have enough money to buy products.

Bye bye, see you tomorrow.

fernando garcia said...

Hi, Enrique at first, I like your journal, it´s long, complet and funny.
I have found some mistakes like "the exercises were 21, 22 and 23 in the page 11"; I think it´s "of the page".
I also think that carmen won´t like the sentence "then La Carmen Lucía" so prepare for the worst.
I like also one of the last sentences " While you turn the head..."
And that´s all see you.

Alicia Díaz said...

Hi, Enrique ! Your journal is very complete but I have found some mistakes:
You have writen Enligtened in state of Enlightened in the third line and also you have writen primay schools in state of primary schools,it is in the answer of the exercise 22.
I think that's all, bye bye !

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello everybody,

I see that you´ve had time to write the journal today, Enrique ;)

Just some clarifications about the content and the style:

- First, you have to change the source of Charles III´s picture. It´s too long. You have to close the picture before copying the address of the website where you´ve found it.

- I don´t like "La Carmen Lucía". It seems to be the name of a flamenco singer. Be respectful with your classmates :P

- I haven´t become angry when we have talked about "Gandía Shore". We were talking about the situation in Spain at the moment. We were commenting on the fact that people considered manual works to be dishonest during the Ancien Régime in Spain and Charles III had to issue a decree declaring the honesty of all professions. This decree was unique in Europe. They had to issue a law to say that working with one´s hands wasn´t dishonest, because people admired those who lived without working, without having their hands dirty. And we have compared that situation with the one we have now in Spain: the models of behaviour are people who don´t do much, like Belén Esteban and the "Gran Hermano" or "Gandía Shore" specimens. This makes me angry everyday, but I haven´t become angry during the lesson. I would like to live in a country where people admire Pedro Duque, Juan Carlos Izpisúa, Margarita Salas or José Luis SAmpedro and not all those individuals who are constantly on the TV and magazines. In Spain many people go on giving little value and respecting very little the people who work hard.

- I haven´t said that Charles IV was stupid. I have given Charles III´s opinion. He was aware of his son´s limitations and as he knew that Charles was not gifted to rule, he adviced him to keep some expert secretaries in his government. His elder brother Philip Anthony (Charles III´s sixth son) was excluded from the line of succession because he was mentally handicapped. Charles IV was Charles III´s seventh son. Charles III and his wife María Amalia of SAxony had 13 children, but only seven reached adulthood. Here you have the complete list of Charles III´s sons and daughters:

Yes, I´m very fast with chalk, but I can still beat my record ;)

I´ll correct the mistakes nobody founds tomorrow. So, come by tomorrow!

Roxana said...

Hello! I like your journal, but I have found some mistakes:
- Social Sciences in capital letters.
- She has wanted
- To start the lesson not the class
- Riots in capital letters.
- The fist exercise has been corrected...
- The last exercise has been corrected by...


Monica said...

Good journal Enrique!!
I think that all the mistakes are corrected yet.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


These are my last corrections:

- Social Sciences in capital letters

-PowerPoint presentation or only
-...limitations fthosereforms
-...You can´t start a sentence with "also". The correct way is ...hasalsosaid
-... the Jesuits were accused ofhaving... But the main reason for their expulsion was thir direct obedience to the Pope.

- ...liberalization of some prices: prices of wheat and other staples, but not a general liberalization of prices.

-....Charles III´s reforms
-...privileges of the Mesta
- ...explained that people considered manual work to be dishonest and they those who lived without working.

- ... she doesn´t like it. In the way you´ve written it, it means that the people of Gandia Shore don´t like what I do. I suppose this it´s true, but I don´t think they have thought in me. Neither I have in them ;)

- The last exercise has been corrected

- ...the people who worked the lands were not their owners and there were not reforms to transform the structure of property or improve agriculture.

-...we have known Charles III´s heir: his son Charles IV. This was the last content of the unit. We´ll study more about Charles IV in the next unit. And I didn´t say he was stupid. Read my previous comment.

- subvenciones

-...on the blackboard. I can´t write in the blackboard yet.

That´s all. See you in the next episode!