Sunday, November 25, 2012

More about Rococo

Here you have some short videos about Rococo art style: 

- The first one includes short texts and a lot of images. The music belongs to Jean Philippe Rameau, a musician of that period: 

- And this is the trailer of Sofia Coppola´s film Marie Antoniette, which tells the story of Louis XVI´s wife. Sofia Coppola decided to tell the story of Marie Antoinette using a contemporary music soundtrack.  Also known as Madame Déficit, Marie Antoinette´s lifestyle could be defined as Rococo: naïve, playful, superficial and frivolous. Have a look on the clothes, the parties and the decoration of palaces and gardens. They reflect the atmosphere of the royal court and nobility entertainments very well. 


Alberto Panadero said...

Hi Paqui,

You made a mistake 'plaiful' instead of 'playful'.

I didn't know this film, I have to watch it. The trailer help us to understand the end of the Madame Déficit's head ;)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hi Alberto,

Thanks for correcting me. I´ve already changed it.

I haven´t watched the film. It didn´t have a good review, but the historical setting seems to be very good.

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