Monday, November 12, 2012

12 of november 2012

Today in socials science  some people have arrived late and the teacher has written this down on her notebook.. Paqui has said that some of us have to work more in the blog,the same  that she has told an by e-mail and pilar has became ungry becouse she can't work more.

After that we have corrected the exercise 17 of the book .Later we star study the war in of succesion in 18th century.
We have spoken abuot th causes(in sumary some european countries were feared with the spanish kindomg become more powerfull.)We have study the development of the war too.We have joke with the word Austria and its pronunciation.

Philip the V and the Duke of vendome commanded the Franco-Spanish charge at the Battle of Villaviciosa by Jean Alaux(1840)


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Juan, you can´t publish yor journal until you finish writing it. This is very short. I hope you are going to write more.

juan said...

i public it with out intention

Pilar Quirós Iniesta said...

Juan your journal isn't very long, I have seen some mistakes like: social sciences in stead of socials science; told by an e-mail, not told by e-mail; I think you will take off the last lines of the first part because I am not ungry, the only thing I have said is that I work and I don't like to be always thinking in the blog.
Other mistakes: exercise 17 of the book, not boock; about the, not abuot th... may be you have to put Austria with capital letter, and you have to put two brackets (paréntesis) because you have only put one.
So I don't think it's so bad and please, take off the last lines of the first paragrah!!
See you tomoroow! :D

maria said...

Hi Juan, your journal is short, you can add more things that we have done in the class. For example,you can add that Paqui isn't going to go to the high school on wednesday because of the strike. And also that she has given some homeworks to do for friday.
I have found some mistakes:
To start a paragraph you have to start with a capital letter, and after a point too. I think instead of "spanish" is Spanish, with capital letter.
Don't forget to correct the mistakes.
Bye bye:)

fernando garcia said...

Hello, Juan, I think that your journal could be longer and with less mistakes as (later we star study) instead: later we started studying... amount others. I also tnink that you could add more information like the homework for friday and the new words of the glossary.
I also agree with María; to start a paragrahp you have to start in capital letter.
For the rest I tnink your journal is good.

Laura Casero Mínguez said...

Hello Juan! I think your journal is very short! You can put more things. I find a mistake in the fourth line "becouse" is because! JUAN, WORK MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!! AJAJAJAJAJJ :)

Monica said...

Hello Juan! Your journal is very very short! You have to write more things.
-When you star te sentense you have to write in capital letter Today in Social Science ...
-She has written a running (retraso) I think.
- Paqui send the email to everybody.
-After that ( in capital letter)
- Later , start,..
-We have..(capital letter)
-After every point you have to write in capital letter.
-Juan,You have to explain more every point that we have seen in class.
-And put the link of the photo.

Isabel Rodríguez said...

Hi Juan! I don't know what can I add more, because my classmates have said to you all the mistakes! But I think you can put on the journal more information abuout the class, and of course it can be longer! So I hope you will be careful in these mistakes because they are very basic! So bye, bye and you can do it better.

Carmen Utrilla said...

Hi Juan! I think your journal is very short. I hope you write another jounal more complete. I also find some mistakes:
Kindomg: Kingdom
Jokewith: joked with
autria: Austria
You can add that for homework Paqui has told to do exercises 18,19,20. You can also add that the war finished with the Treaty of Utrech and much more things. Bye!

Salva Fuentes said...


Your journal is very very short! It seems to be a joke. You should explain better the causes and development of the War of Spanish Succession.

You can add the dates that Paqui has explained and to explain them; they are 1704(the British occupied Gibraltar and Minorca), 1707(Philip V's troops defeated the Aragonese), 1713(the Treaty of Utrecht was signed) and 1714(the war continued in Catalonia until the 11st September).


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello everybody,

I agree with all the students: the journal is very short and full of mistakes a student in 4th year shouldn´t make. Juan, you wrote this very quickly and carelessly. Please, correct all the mistakes and write more about the contents of the lesson. Compare your work with what other students did when it was their turn. You have to make a bigger effort.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

By the way, no one has found a mistake in the first sentence: Pilar wasn´t "ungry/hungry", but angry. I would rather say that Pilar didn´t agree or disagreed with the fact of having to work more on the blog. Hungry is "hambriento" and "ungry" doesn´t exist.

Mónica, we can´t say "poner un retraso" literaly in English. You can say some people have arrived late and the teacher has written this down on her notebook.

Monica said...

aah you can also add the glossary words.