Monday, November 19, 2012

19th of November 2012

Jornal, 19th of November
Hello everybody!
Today in Social Sciences we have been surprised very much, because when we have come into class we have seen that there were curtains, so "Good-bye to see badly".
Paqui has started the class reviewing what we saw last day. Paqui said us that she sent to Fernando a mail saying that he should do an extra-work, but Fernando didn´t read it.
After that, Paqui  has explained the last post that she has written about "Phlip V of Spain" he was very creazy, he did a lot of strange things. Then, Paqui explain Philip VI, was a beurotic, but when his wife died, he became more crazy. He spent his last year of life at bed, he died in his excrements. Then Jose Ángel ,the head of studies, has come to the class and he said that if Roxana, Salva, Laura Casero and Raquel can go out a moment.
After that, we have to copied some things, that Paqui has written on the blackboard. The scheme was about "Centralized Absolutism" the scheme explain that Philip V and  Ferdinand VI ruled as Absolute Monarchs, but their mental problems obliged their secretaries to be in charge of everyday decisions. Some competent ministers worked for them:  
- Marquis of Ensenada-> Project of Unique tax over the land, as had been done in the former Crown of Aragon , as a punishment for their support to Archduke Charles. A survey with this purpose was made in Castile, but the opposition of the privileend stopped this reform. Ensenada also modernized the Navy and tried to control trade with the Indies and reduce contraband.
Marquis of Ensenada
Ensenada´s cadastre

Paqui has drawn a map to explain Ensenada´s project.

  Sourse: The author : Me.

We have seen same photos of kings and observed that Charles IV looks like present king of Spain. And all of the bourbons have the same nose. Paqui has asked us if we understood everything .
Then, Paqui has said that now we were going to start with Charles III. Charles III was a representative of Enlightened Absolutism in Spain. Many of his ministers were enlightened: Campomaoes, Olavide, the Counts of aranda and Floridablanca. He had been the king of Naples for 20 years, where he got into contact with enlightened ideas. He brought some Italian minister with him and started some reforms following the enlightened ideas. This  reforms provoked the reaction of the privileged: ESQUILACHE  RIOTS (Motín de Esquilache). Esquilache  didn´t do anything without Charles III permission. He changed the clothes.

For homework  we have to do page 11 from 21 to 23 form book.

The most interested thing for me has been the life of Philip V, he was obsessed with sex, he stayed 19th months without changing his clothes, he thought that he was a frog and he put the ministers to work at 2 o´clock of morning. jajaja

- Remorse: Remordimientos
-Survey: Encuesta
-Navy: Armada, flota.
-Cadastre: catastro
-Customs: aduanas
-Brim: ala de sombrero
-cloaks: Capa
-To chase: detener
Bye bye!!


Salva Fuentes said...

Hi Mónica,

Your journal is good. But I have found some mistakes:
-Social Science -> Social Sciences.
-on class -> into class.
-reviwing -> reviewing.
-did't -> didn't.
-explain or comment -> has explained or commented.
-"Philip V of Spain" he was very creazy -> "Philip V of Spain" who was very crazy.
-we have to copied -> we have had to copy.
-Was about -> They (some things) were about.
-skym -> sketch.
-Same -> Some.
-privilehend -> privileged.

I like your draw. Bye!

Jesus Morales said...

Hello Monica,

It's good and complete but I have found some mistakes:

-he staid 19 months-> he stayed 19
-form book-> from book
-ESQUILA THE RITS (Motín de Esquilaque)-> THE ESQUILACHE RIOTS (Motín de Esquilache)
- we observe-> we observed
- And all of the king have the same nose-> And all the bourbons have the same nose
- control trade wih the Indes->control trade with the Indies
-After that, Paqui explain or comment the last post-> After that, Paqui explained or commented
- he become more creazy-> he became more crazy
-Was about-> It was about (I think)
-(in the glossary) clooks->cloak
Sorry the mistakes are disorganized.

See you!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello everybody,

I´m only going to correct something about the drawing. The idea of the mao is good, but there are some mistakes with the names of the tax:
- única contribución in Aragón
- equivalente in Valencia
- talla in Mallorca
- cadastre (catastro) in Catalonia

There were 4 different names for the same tax. The one Ensenada used for his project was the name given to this tax in Catalonia (cadastre).

Remember also that you have to write all the verbs that refer to what we have done today in the Present Perfect. You´ve written many of them in Present or in past tense.

I´ll correct the rest of the mistakes tomorrow. The corrections Salva and Jesús have made are almost all OK. Only some verbs havve to be in Present Perfect: we have copied, we have observed.

I´ll be back here tomorrow. Good night!

maria said...

Hi Monica.

I like so much your journal and also the photos. You have done a good work.

I have found some mistakes:
-He was crazy instead of "He was very creazy..."
-Him instead of hin.

I agree with Monica, I think Philip's life was interesting.

See you tomorrow.

Isabel Rodríguez said...

Hi Monica!
I'm agree with my classmates, but I have also found one more mistake:
- an the beggining you have writen " very much" and I think is better "so much".
So good work and see you tomorrow!

Roxana said...

Hello! Your journal is very good I like it a lot.
I have found some mistakes: ON the blackboard (2nd paragraph), is source not sourse, Bourbons in capital letters, interesting not interested and thought in stead of through.

See you!

Alicia Díaz said...

Hello Mónica ! Very good journal, I really like it, it is very complete. You really attend in class, jajaja.
I haven't found any new mistakes, so, GOOD WORK ! See you tomorrow.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello again,

These are the mistakes you should correct, Mónica:

- ..when we have come into the class
- ... she sent an e-mail to Fernando... but he didn´t read it
- ...has explained that Ferdinand VI was a beurotic, but when his wife died, he became more crazy
-... at bed
- ... José Ángel, the head of studies, has come... Remember that all the verbs have to be in present perfect

- ... Roxana, not Denisa.... could go out for a moment

- ...on the blackboard
-... the scheme, not the sketch. Sketch is used in art. The scheme explained
- ...former Crown of Aragón. "Farmer" is "granjero or agricultor"

- ... has drawn a map to explain Ensenada´s project. For the source of the map, you should write: the author (you)

- We have seen..... and observed that Charles IV looks like the present king of Spain
-... if we have understood...
- ... we were going to start with...
-... some Italian ministers with him... some reforms
-... Esquilache didn´t do anything without Charles III´s permission.
- ... thought
- brim

You could have corrected some mistakes with a more careful reading. You write very fast! The content is OK. Read my post about the Esquilache Riots.

Good night!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

The last thing: write a title for your post.

Monica said...