Saturday, November 10, 2012

10th November

Hello everybody!!!
At first in the class of social sciences Paqui has written on the blackboard some notes about the ideas on enlightenment contained in the declaration of independence of the thirteen North American colonies that we don’t have time the Wednesday.

Then Paqui has written the reasons and factors of the war of independence in America that lasted from the 1775 to 1783. This was also the correction of the exercise fifteen and it says:
  • ·         The British didn’t accept the declaration and the war started
  • ·         The war finish with the treaty of Versailles
  • ·         A new country was formed: the USA
  • ·         The example of USA extended to many countries especially in south America

Then we have copy on the notebook the contents of the firs constitution of the history (the USAs constitution). The constitution contains all the characteristics of the new country:
  • ·         It was a representative government
  • ·         The powers were divided into three
  • ·         It was a federal republic
  • ·         The president was the head of the state and he was elected every four years
  • ·         Every power controls the other to avoid abuse

Salva has asked something to Paqui and she has answered the question but I can’t hear it because the most of the people were talking to other.

To finish all of that Paqui has written the bill of rights. This was rights that the USA’s citizens had (the 10 first amendments).
Today we also have to copy some words to the glossary but today were less that other days:
-          Tiesàlazos
-          Supreme court of justiceàtribunal supremo
-          Checks and balanceàequilibrio de poderes
-          To impeachàdestituir
-          Impeachmentàdestitucion del president
-          Amendments àemienda, correction
-          Prohibitionàley seca.

Also Paqui has given us an exercise of the causes and development of the Hispanic war succession that we have to correct it the Monday.


Jesus Morales said...

Hello Werse,
I think that it's good but I have found some mistakes:
-...that we DIDN'T have time ON Wednesday(in the first paragraph)
-...we have COPIED on the notebook the contents of the FIRST constitution
-...I COULDN'T hear it because (without "the")most of the people were talking EACH other
-....THESE WERE rights that..
-Today we HAVE ALSO HAD to copy...
-(in the glossary) the letter "à" between the words has to be substitute by -> or : correct (without "it") NEXT Monday.
I like the photo about the bill of rights

See you!

Roxana said...

You journal is good but these are the mistakes I have found:
- Social Sciences in capital letters.
- Enlightenment in capital letters.
- Declaration of Independence in capital letters.
- that we don't have time to COPY ON Wednesday (as Jesús has said).
- War of Independence in capital letters.
- I think that you can improve the paragraph about the correction of the exercise 15, developing it.
- You can explain the division of powers and the institutions in which the State was divided.
- I think that both "Federal Republic" and "State" have to be written in capital letters.
- The meaning of amendment is enmienda.
- Also Paqui has given us an exercise ABOUT the causes and development of the WAR OF THE SPANISH SUCCESSION.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello everybody,

First of all, Werselio, you had to write the journal ON FRIDAY, not on Saturday, as you did. We didn´t have lesson on Saturday.

- You have to add a title to your post.

- The corrections Roxana and Jesús have made are all OK, except for these ones:

WORD ORDER: we have COPIED the contents of the FIRST Constitution on the notebook. As Roxana said, there are many words that have to be written in capital letters, and Constitution is one of them

I COULDN'T hear it because (without "the")most of the people were talking. You don´t have to add anything else to this sentence: erase "to other" and don´t add "each other", as Jesús told you.

These are the mistakes your classmates haven´t found:

- At the beginning of the class instead of "af first of the class"...
- WORD ORDER again in the first sentence: ...written some notes about....on the blackboard (this has to be at the end of the sentence). This sentence should be shorter. You could write: We didn´t have time to copy them on Wednesday
- PONCTUATION MARKS: you can´t write such long sentences. You have to write commas or make shorter sentences. Example: ...reasons and factors of the war of independence in America, that lasted from the 1775 to 1783. The example of USA extended to many countries, especially in South America.

- The war finished with...
- ... the USA Constitution
-...Every power controls the other ones to avoid abuse

-... because most of the people...
- To finish all that

- Bill of Rights in capital letters. The explanation is not correct. The Bill of Rights was an addition to the Constitution that included the 10 ten amendments (corrections), referred to some rights every citizen had. Remember that these rights were only recognized for those who were considered to be citizens: white men who didn´t have to work for others, because they were property owners. Women, slaves, Native Americans were excluded from the rights reflected in the Constitution.

- Today we have also copied..., but today they were lessthan
- Supreme Court of Justice and Tribunal Supremo in capital letters
- Destitución. No spelling mistakes in Spanish either, please!
- Checks and balances

I think you shouldn´t limit to copy the notes you´ve copied on your notebook when you write the journal, because the lessons are more than the notes and exercises and more things happen, such as questions students ask...

That´s all. I hope you will be faster correcting the journal than writing it. See you tomorrow!