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The First Presidents of USA:George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson

George Washington (1789-1797)

In 1775, Washington was appointed commander in chief of all colonial forces. He formed the Continental Army. His main victories over the British are:
-The Independence War started in 1775, with Washington's victories in Lexington and Concord
-Later he expelled the British from Boston in 1775
-Victories in Trenton and Princeton in 1776
-American victory at Saratoga in October 1777
-The decisive victory over the British in Yorktown in 1781, with the European allies'help

In 1787, Washington was elected president of the Constitutional Convention and used his influence to persuade the States to approve the Constitution. His prudence, his good sense and his respect to the laws made him be elected as the first president of the US in 1789. He tried to maintain American neutrality when war between Great Britain and France broke out in 1793 and also normalized diplomatic relations with Great Britain.

John Adams (1797-1801)

During the First and Second Continental Congresses, John Adams represented Massachusetts. He persuaded other colonists of the need for opposition to Great Britain and the cause for independence. He served on the committee which drafted the Declaration of Independence. During the American War of Independence, he raised and equipped the American army and created a navy.

In 1783, Adams was one of the signatories the Treaty of Versailles. Adams served as the first American ambassador to Great Britain. On his return to America, he was elected the first vice-president under George Washington. In 1796 he was the first to be contested by political parties. Adams sided with the Federalist Party and was elected president.
Deteriorating relations with France led to an undeclared naval war between the former allies. In 1798, Adams signed a document which limited right to free speech.

Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809)

In 1774 Thomas Jefferson was involved in organizing opposition to British rule, and in his pamphlet A Summary View of the Rights of British America, Jefferson articulated the colonial position for independence. As a member of the second Continental Congress, he was the principal writer of the Declaration of Independence.
 In 1790 Jefferson and Hamilton formed two separate political parties, the Republicans and the Federalists. 
 Jefferson served as Adams' vice-president, but in 1801, after a hard-fought election, Jefferson became the third president of the United States.

In 1803 Jefferson bought Louisiana territory from Napoleon, almost doubling the size of the United States. He also authorized the expedition which explored the American west.
Jefferson attempted to maintain American neutrality in the Napoleonic wars, despite both England and France interfered with American shipping. Jefferson responded by forbidding American ships to sail to any European port. This was disastrous for the American economy and the legislation was repealed shortly before Jefferson left the presidential post.


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These are my corrections:

- The Independence War started in 1775, with Washington´s victories in Lexington and Concord
- Later he expelled the British from Boston

You´ve forgotten the decisive victory in Yorktown in 1781, with the European allies´help.

You could also add that Washington´s portrait appears in dollar bills.

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