Monday, November 5, 2012

5th of November

Today Paqui has checked exercises from homework, exercise 11 and 12. Carmen has corrected exercise 11, about the Enlightened Despotism; and Enrique Perez has correct the other one about the reforms of the enlightened monarch.
We have studied the Enlightened Despotism: 
 It was a way of governing where some European monarch adopted some ideas of the Enlightement. They introduced some reforms in their kingdoms, but they tried to preserve the absolute power. Its slogan was "Every thing for the people, but without the people", because their subjects were considered to be ignorant and without the abiliti of deciding what was better for them.
 The monarch who influenced the ideas of the Enlightement where: 

                                                                Charles III of Spain

                                                                 Carherine II of Russia

                                                                   Friederic II of Prussia


Then we have started to see the Independence of the 13 colonies of North America and the foundation of the U.S.A. Gonzalo has started to read it and Paqui has explained. She has explained what metropolis and monopoly means:
  • Metropolis: Country which has created an Empire. For example: England was the metropolis of the British Empire.
  • Monopoly: When a person controlls a specific market or economic relation with a specific region.
Then, Paqui has given exercise 13 and 14 for homework. After this, she has given us the exams.

  • Enlightened despotism: Despotismo ilustrado.
  • Enlightened absolutism: Absolutismo ilustrado.
  • Subject (in this context): Súbditos.
  • Damage: Perjudicar / dañar.
  • Monopoly: Monopolio.

Sorry for the delay, but is the hour I arrive home. I hope you like it.


Raquel Ortiz Escribano said...

Hello Busta! I think than your journal is a little short! You can do it better! I've found some mistakes:
-Enrique Pérez has CORRECTED...
-Everything is written together, is not "every thing"
-ability, it isn't "abiliti"
-You have to write "monarch" in plural.
-I think is Metropolis and monopoly mean instead of means.

Well, the photos are good! See you! :)

Roxana said...

Hello! Your journal is very complete and you have explained very well the concepts we have learnt today, but I think that the mistakes you have done are:
- Enrique Pérez has corrected
- Enlightened monarchs.
- ability
- who were influenced by the ideas of Enlightenment were...

Roxana said...

Ah! I think you have made another mistake: Gonzalo has started reading it and Paqui has explained it.

Miguel Bustamante said...

Sorry for the mistakes, because they are very silly. I have done it very quick

Jesus Morales said...

Hello Busta!
I think that it's a little short and I think that you could include that we were talking about the expression "eye per eye, tooth per tooth", I think that you could write more about the contains we have seen like the Reforms made by the monarchs influenced by Enlightenment.

And also in the glossary I have one more:
-to complay-> quejarse

And I think that I've found some mistakes:
-It's Catherine II of Russia,it's not Carherine II
-It's Fiedrich II of Prussia, not Friederic

See you!!

Salva Fuentes said...

Hello Miguel,

Maybe in the last part you can add that the 13 colonies of North America wanted to be independent because:

-The North American colonists didn't have representatives in the British Parliament.
-The British government constantly increased the taxes.
-The British government had the monopoly of trade with the North American colonies.

See you!

Laura Casero Mínguez said...

Hello Miguel! I think your journal is very short! You can improve better! You can! jajaja I think the Salva's opinion too. You can include the 13 colonies!
I don't found more mistakes.
See you tomorrow! :)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


I think some people are taking this work more seriously that at the beginning of the school year. This is a very good way of learning from others and most of the corrections are OK. You see? You´re improving!

These are the mistakes nobody has found yet:

-...has checked the exercises we had for homework/she gave for homework

- You should take the article "the" before Enlightened Despotism
-... a way of governing in which
- Frederic of Prussia
-...we have started tostudy
- Monopoly is when a person, company or country controls
...economic relations
- The last paragraph should start with Finally

-... this is the time I arrive home.

You could also add something about your exam or the exams in general

The correct way of writing the word Jesús has added to the glossary is complain. The expression we were talking about is "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" and it comes from Hammurabi Code, the first written law code in history. It was written in Mesopotamia and Gema remembered that we studied this in 1º. She used this sentence to give her opinion about death penalty, one of the propositions the people of California are going to decide on in the elections today. My correction to her quote was Einstein´s quote: "An eye for an eye and the the whole world would be blind".

I think Salva´s suggestions to improve the content of the journal are very good, because they will connect with the beginning of tomorrow´s lesson.

That´s all for today. See you tomorrow!