Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday, 26th November

Isabel has had a problem with her Internet connexion. That´s why I´m posting the journal she has sent to me by mail. I have taken out one of the pictures Isabel has included because she hasn´t added its source and I haven´t been able to find it. If you read this, Isabel, remember to include the source of all the pictures you include. 

Today in Social Sciences Paqui has said to me that I have to do the journal . Then Paqui has added some information about “ the Pantheon and Napoleon’s tomb at Les Invalides" that she has added this weekend into the blog. Paqui has also shown us a video about Marie Antoniette which shows her life. 

Then she has reminded  us that some people of the class had to give their notebooks to her. We have also corrected the exercises from page 50 and the crossword which is at the end of Unit 2 in the book. While we were correcting the last exercise, Salva has asked  Paqui the meaning of mercantilism. After that Paqui has askedus  if we understand all about Unit 2 because we’ll do the exam in two weeks. Then we have started Unit 3: THE FRENCH REVOLUTION AND RESTORATION. Which have the next points:

1.   The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Era ( 1789 – 1815 ).

2.    The congress of Vienna and the Restoration ( 1815 – 1830 ).

3.    The revolutionary ideologies and the revolutions os 1820, 1830 and 1848.
A. Causes.
B. The beginning of the French Revolution.
C. The stages of the French Revolution.
            1. Costitutional Monarchy ( 1789 – 1792 )
            2. Democratic Republic ( 1792 – 1794 )
            3. Directory ( 1795 – 1799 )
            4. The Napoleonic Era ( 1800 – 1815 )

After we have copied this, Paqui has shown us a PowerPoint presentation about the unit and we read the beginning of the first point on page 13 to explain point 1: the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Era         ( 1789 – 1815 ), as an example of a good revolutioner Paqui has named Fernando Marcos, which it occurs when Salva asked to Paqui somethign about Napoleon Bonaparte.

Finally Paqui has told us that we have to do exercise 1 from page 22. And some  people had to give  their notebooks to her.

Some vocabulary that we have learnt today is:

· Soundtrack – banda sonora.
· Strenght – fuerza.
· Gold and silver reserves – reservas de oro y plata.

I hope you will like my journal, bye bye see you on Wednesday!


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Isabel, the first picture you´ve included doesn´t correspond to the French Revolution, but to the 1830 Revolution in France. It´s called Liberty guiding the people and was painted by Delacroix. You should look for another picture about the French Revolution. Look for one painted by Jacques-Louis David if you want.

And don´t forget to include the picture sources. I´ll correct the rest tomorrow.

maria said...

Hi Isa !

Your journal it's very good. I like a lot. It is very complete, I think Paqui will put a good mark.

But I have found some mistakes:

-Revolutions os->Revolution of...
-We have read the page instead of we have rea don page.
-I think you can put "have to give their notebook to her" instead of have to give their notebooks to Paqui.

You can add that the second scheme about the causes and the beginning of the french of the point one.

Bye bye, see you tomorrow Isa:)

fernando garcia said...

Hi, Isabel, I like your journal.
I think it´s long and complet, I also think that you could add more little things but for the rest it´s good.
That´s all.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...


These are my corrections:

- Social Sciences in capital letters
- ...she has added...on the blog
- I didn´t show any other video about Rococo. The only video we watched was the one about the film Marie Antoinette
-... she has reminded.... some people of the class had to give their notebooks to her. It was correct as u¡you wrote it.
- To ask someone: ... asked Paqui... and askedus
-... we´ll take the exam
- The French Revolution, in singular
- Change the first picture: it doesn´t refer to the French Revolution. It refers to the third point of the unit, not to the first one.
-... the Restoration
- The stages of the French Revolution
- Constitutional Monarchy
- ...PowerPoint presentation the beginning of the first point on page

- You should explain why I said that Fernando would be a good revolutionary. It was related to something Salva said about Napoleon Bonaparte and something I asked you. Maybe someone can help you enlarge this point
-... some people had to give their notebooks to her.
- strength

Remember to include the sources of all the pictures. See you tomorrow.

Isabel Rodríguez said...

Paqui the pencil don't APPEAR!! I can't correct the journal.