Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The 14th of november's strike

Hello everybody!

Today it's my turn to write the journal. Paqui said to me on monday that she won't come today, so I'm going to speak about the strike in Spain.

Today some teachers didn't come to high school, like Paqui or our biology's teacher. In the high school, the minimum services are the headmaster and the head of studies. Only 15 teachers out of 55 have gone on strike in the high school.

Now I'm going to speak about Spain. The number of people arrested until 18:15 is about 117. Thousands of people were in the "paseo de Gracia" of Barcelona before the strike starts saying: "We have solutions. They want to remove us our future". In Madrid are protesting about public health. " They want to remove us the public health" they said.
The syndicates speak about the massive monitoring of the general strike.
Portugal, Italy, Greece and Belgium also tie up versus austerity.

Here are some images of the general strike:

And I don't know more to say, this is all I know about the general strike, I have seen TV to know more.


Enrique Manzanares said...

I don't know if "student's boss" is well. I don't know if it is short, but I don't know more!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hi Enrique,

Your doubts about vocabulary are the following:
- "Director" is headmaster and "jefe de estudios" is head teacher or head of studies. We usually say head of atudies. "Sindicato" in English is union

You could add that only 15 teachers out of 55 have gone on strike in the high school. I know , because Damián has sent an e-mail and has told us that the students whose teachers have gone on strike have been in the courtyard.

You could add some data of participation: what the unions say and what the government says or what every important newspaper says about the strike: ABC, La Razón, El MUndo, El País, El Periódico, La Vanguardia...

Remember to add a title to your post on the Title textbox.

Anyway, good work. I´ll correct the mistakes tomorrow.Bye!

Paloma Gómez de la Cueva said...

Hello Enrique!
I think that it are very nice everything what you have said of the today strike. And I wanted to add:
According to CEOE the day of general strike has been of a maximum of 10 %, and "even void" in some sectors, with what he thinks that the " majority of the Spanish companies " have registered a " absolute normality ".
And according to CCOO and GENERAL TRADE UNION OF WORKERS, the percentage of follow-up of the strike has been 76,7 %.
Which does take the reason?

Cris Mínguez said...

I don't know so much about the general strike appart from what you and Paloma have said. Also Paqui has told about this sometimes. But I want to thank all the people who struggle for the humans right and for the future of the country.

Salva Fuentes said...

Hi Enrique,

Your journal is interesting. I think you should write about the reasons of going on strike due to educational cuts. Education is the public sector which has received more cuts, and for me it's the most important one. This has led to the end of the equality of opportunities! If you are poor, you will be poor. Public education is an investment, but it's the base of equality too. While in our class we are 30 people, in the class of the "Monjas'" School are 23 people, only because they wanted an education oriented to religion. The things are happening are very sad.

It has to exist another alternative! But at the moment:

Bye equality! :)

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello everybody,

First, the mistakes:

- November and Monday in capital letters

-Second sentence... she wouldn´t come

-... some teachers haven´t come.
- The minimum services the administration established were the headmaster, the head of studies, a janitor and a teacher per every six groups. In our school there are 32 groups. So there were 5 more teachers assigned to the minimum service.

-... before the demonstration started. "Demomstration" means "manifestación"
- ... "They want to remove our future
-... In Madrid people are protesting... You´ve forgotten the subject. "They want to remove the public health system.
- "Sindicato" is union
- ... massive support. "Monitoring" is used when you are controlling something, but if yiu refer to strikes, the correct word is "support".
- Portugal... have also mobilized against austerity measures
- I don´t know what more I can add

And now my comments about what you and your classmates wrote:

- You could add that yesterday´s was the first European general strike, because workers of many countries were called to protest. There was also general strike in Malta, Cyprus and there were protests in 23 countries of the European Union. For example, in Italy they went on strike for 4 hours.

- As Paloma said, the figures the unions gave and the ones the CEOE gave about the support of the strike were very different and the same happened with the afternoon demonstrations.

- I agree with Cristina about the fact that many people have forgotten that things can change, but only if people move. Resignation hasn´t changed history. I also agree with Salva: education has been one of the most affected sectors by cuts and "austerity" measures and this concerns everybody, because cuts in education will have consequences for many years. But this is not only about education: healthcare, taxes, increase in medical prescriptions, cuts in dependants´helps, evictions, no sanctions for banks, unemployment and a labour law that reduces workers´rights... I don´t want to make propaganda, but I´m sure that many of you know people affected by all these problems.

See you tomorrow!