Friday, November 23, 2012

23th November 2012

23th November
Today in Social Sciences Paqui has said that we had to decide on the date of the exam. We've discussed a lot of time, but finally, the exam will be the 12th December.
Then she has said that 1/3 of the class will have to hand the notebook in next Monday.
We have started to see another part of the unit on page 44 called "Art in the 18th century".
 In the 18th century there were three art styles: Baroque, Rococó and New Classicism) 
Paqui has showed us a powerpoint presentation where we have seen some examples of Baroque architecture and sculpture like "the Agony in the garden", "Saint John" and "The fall".

Raquel and Laura have asked Paqui why is she atheist.
Then we have seen a new style called Rococó. The name comes from rocaille (stone) and coquille (shell) because of the decoration. We have seen some places with this style like "Amalienbourg Hunting Pavilion" in Munich, or "Palace of the Marquis of Dos Aguas" in Valencia. We have seen some Rococó style furniture. In painting it was a frivolous style, the most famous pictures were "Pilgrimage to Cithera", "The swing", "Portrait of the Marquise of Pompadour" and "Marie Louise O'Murphy".

The last style we've seen is New Classicism. We have seen the Church of Sainte Geneviève that now is the pantheon, where Napoleon's tomb is located and Paqui has showed us a photo of the coffin. We have saw also seen L'Étoile Triumphal Arch in Paris, the Vendôme Square in Paris, El Prado Museum in Madrid and the Alcalá Gate.
And in painting "Oath of the Horatti" by Jacques-Louis David, Tennis Court Oath and the coronation of Napoleon.

For homework we have to read and correct if necessary sentences A to E if necessary on page 50 and the crossword on page 12


-Altarpiece --> Retablo
-How long? --> ¿Cuánto tiempo? ¿Durante cuánto tiempo?
-Processional floats --> pasos de Semana Santa.
-Me either --> Yo tampoco
-Shell --> Concha
-Playful --> Juguetón.
-Frivolous --> Frívolo.
-Corpse --> Cadáver



maria said...

Hi Carlos!

Your journal is very good and the photos too.

But I have found some mistakes:

-We have seen instead of we have saw.

-Part instead of apart.

Have a nice weekend:)

Salva Fuentes said...

Hello Carlos,

I have found some mistakes:
-We've discuss -> We've discussed.
-were we have saw -> where we have seen.

You have forgotten to write the glossary. The new words we have added to our glossary are:
-Altarpiece -> retablo.
-How long? -> ¿Cuánto tiempo? ¿Durante cuánto tiempo?
-Processional floats -> pasos de Semana Santa.
-Me either -> yo tampoco.
-Shell -> concha.
-Playful -> juguetón.
-Frivolous -> frívolo.
-Corpse -> cadáver.

Bye bye!

gema ortiz de la guia said...

Hi Carlos!

I have found very few mistakes:
monday in capital letters and I think that you have to write "pantheon where there is Napoleon" instead "pantheon were there is..." but a part of this your journal is good! But I´m agree with Salva, you have forgotten to include the glossary!!
bye bye! :)

Isabel Rodríguez said...

Hi Carlos!
I like your journal it's interesting and long!
I'm also agree winth my classmates but I have found one more mistake, I think that "Rococó" is "Rococo"...
but I'm not sure..
So bye bye and enjoy your weekend.!

Car Rivas said...

I have corrected all, thanks for reading my journal.

fernando garcia said...

Hi, Carlos!
I think you have done a good journaL.
I couldn´t see the mistakes because
I have arrived late and you had corrected them.
Finally, I only think that your journal is a little short.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello everybody,

These are the corrections that nobody found and some comments to other corrections:

- Gema and Isabel: "I´m agree" is INCORRECT. I have corrected this mistake many times. The only way of saying it is I AGREE and the opposite I DON´T AGREE/ I DISAGREE You should know this in 4th year.

- A wrong correction: the Pantheon, where Napoleon´s tomb is located/placed

Now the non identified mistakes:

-...we had to decide on the date of the exam
- ... the exam will be
- ... that half of the class will have to hand the notebook in next Monday. In fact, I only said that 10 people of every group had to hand the notebook in. Thos is 1/3, not half of the group.

- ... on page 44. We can´t do anything "in" a page. I haven´t found the way yet;)
-... PowerPoint presentation or presentation
-... some examples of
- ...Amalienbourg
- ...We have also seen L´Étoile Triumpal Arch in capital letters
-... and correct sentences A to E if necessary

- ... the bell has rung

One last thing: the names of works of art have to be all in capital letters and in Italic font (cursiva), not in inverted commas.

That´s all. See you tomorrow.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Last day I made a mistake about the place where Napoleon is buried: it´s not the Pantheon, but Les Invalides Church. Both are burial places for illustrious people and I mixed them. Correct this as well.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Carlos, instead of copying and pasting Salva´s glossary, you sholud have written your own words.