Sunday, May 1, 2011

The last corrected glogs

Here you have the last glogs that have passed the "quality" control. They appear in alphabetical order:

- Yolanda Abad worked on the African Union:

- Beatriz Antequera´s project is about the NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization:

- Laura Bustamante worked on UNASUR:

- Silvia Castiblanque´s project was about the International Criminal Court:

- Carlos Galindo´s work is about the International Monetary Fund:

- Juan Carlos Huertas worked on the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries:

- Ana Isabel Lucas´s project was about the World Trade Organization:

- Isabel Naranjo´s work was about the Council of Europe:

- Daniel Pintado worked about the International Organization of Atomic Energy:

-Enrique Vázquez´s work is about the International Labour Organization:

- And last, but not least, Beatriz Yuste´s project was about the League of Arab States:

Judge by yourselves. What´s, in your opinion, the best work?


Diego López-Casero said...

Yolanda's glog is good but in my opinion,sometimes she should use another backs of the text boxes and made a bigger letter because in some cases it's imposible to read.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Diego,

If you put the mouse over Glogster Edu, you have the option of watching the glog in full size (VIEW FULL SIZE). This way, you can read the information better. I agree with you: the font she chose is very small sometimes and she could have summaRized more. This is what I wanted you to understand. The designer has to think in the readers. This is a very important fact to take into consideration next time. Bye.