Sunday, May 8, 2011

Friday, 7th May 2011

On Friday, in the Social Sciences class we read the point 5 "Economy and society in the 15th Century in Castile and Aragon" and we copied from the blackboard who were the "pagesos de remensa", catalan peasants linked to land and submitted to a lot of unfair rules called malos usos. These peasants revolted against their lords and the "pagesos de remensa" revolt finished with the Sentence of Guadalupe (1486).

We also read the point 6 "Religious policy" and Paqui told us her idea about a new challenge: In this week's challenge there aren't questions, the challenge is to do a glog about the Inquisition and we have to have it for next Friday, it's a good idea to improve our glog skills but the problem I see is that this week we have a lot of homework and two exams... we'll see.

The Inquisition did this, but why? Discover it doing the challenge!

Remember that the homework Paqui gave us on Friday is to do a scheme of the point 5.

I have written the journal because Juan Carlos didn't write it.
Please check my mistakes.
PS: Study for the exams!


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Javi.

Thanks for writing the journal. Juan Carlos will have a lot of problems to pass this term.

These are my corrections:

- The pagesos de remensa revolt finished with the Sentence of Guadalupe.

- The challenge is to do a glog, an interactive poster. Glogster Edu is the tool we use to create glogs.

- is uncountable. So, what´s the correct sentence before the picture?

Thanks again for writing the journal. See you tomorrow.

Javier Alberca said...

Ok Paqui, I have checked all, I suppose that with the last mistake you wrote me you wanted to say "homework".


Juanjo Alberca said...

Hello everybody! Javi showed me this blog and I think that it’s very interesting. I′d have liked we had something like this on our times. It’s a god idea.
Now I sound like an old man…

Well, I want to say that you have to take advantage of this opportunity to learn a lot of English. Now I’m having problems with this because I didn’t learn on time.

I promise to read the blog sometimes and, if I know something interesting, I’ll write it.

Ps: Please, check me if I have mistakes!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Juanjo. Technologies go so fast that 3 years seem a whole life ;) But we also learnt many things without using these new tools.

It´s never too late to learn or to improve your English. It´s a matter of will.

The only mistakes I´ve found are: good idea, instead of god and correct instead of check. Checking means supervising. The correct sentence would be Please, correct me if I make mistakes

Welcome to the blog. We hope you come back soon.