Friday, May 6, 2011

Challenge number 18

Auto-da- fé presided by Santo Domingo of Guzmán (c.1493-1498) Pedro Berruguete

As we have talked this morning, this week´s challenge will be a little different. You will have the opportunity of improving your glog skills by creating a new glog on the Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition, mostly known as the Spanish Inquisition. Here you have the links you can use to get the basic information: 

Some links in Spanish:

Some links in English: 

Some useful links about medieval tortures, from which you can extract some pictures of the devices used to torture the Inquisition prisoners:

And this is a BBC programme on the Spanish Inquisition you can listen to:

A good glog should include this information: 

- When the Tribunal of the Holy Inquisition was created and what its purpose was.

-  Crimes they persecuted.

-  How it was organized.

-  How it worked.

-  What punishments they imposed.

-  How the Tribunal was used with political purpose sometimes. 

Remember that your glog would be more interesting if you include pictures, links to enlarge some information and some video (if you are able to find one). You could also include the origin of some Castilian expressions related to the history of the Inquisition, such as "to wear the sambenito".

These are the instructions to do a good work:  

1. Read the information and make sure that you understand everything. The links in Spanish will be very useful for you. 

2. Prepare a good scheme on paper and use it as a reference for your glog design. 

3. When you start writing, use simple sentences and don´t translate word by word and, of course, don´t use the Google translator. You have different links that will provide you with all the vocabulary you need in English. Forget about copying and pasting.

4. Don´t write too much information and think in the readers. The possible readers have to feel attracted by your work and be able to understand and get the possibility of learning more (if they want) through links.

You will have time to solve this challenge until next Friday, the 13th May. If you need any help or advice, you can use the Glogster Edu message platform or contact me by e-mail. 


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