Monday, May 16, 2011

13th and 16th of May 2011

Hello, everybody!!

Last day, I couldn't write the journal because the blog didn't work well. SORRY! :)

13th May 2011

Last day, Paqui has given the exams of the unit 5 and there were a lot of good marks. Then, Laura Bustamante has collected all the maps. Afterwards, we have checked the exercises and Paqui has written the answers on the blackboard. Then, she has switched the computer on and she has put a powerpoint. Afterwards, we have continued with unit and she has given to read the page 77 and to do the exercises 1,2,3 and 4 for homework. Finally, Paqui has explained something about the territories that Carlos V inherited:

Carlos I was the heir of a great amount of these territories. These were the territories he inherited:
- From his grandmother Isable of Castile: the Crown of Castile, the Canary Islands, Melilla and Oran in the North of Africa, the Indies (America colonies).
-From his grandfather Fernando of Aragón: the Crown of Aragón, Sicily, Sardinia and Naples.
-From his grandmother Mary of Burgundy: Burgundy, the Low Countries and Luxemburg.
-From his grandfather Maximilian of Austria: the states of the House of Austria and the possibility of being elected Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

16th May 2011

Today, Kelly has been with us. Then, we have checked the four exercises about the capitulations of Santa Fe and Paqui has said that was a little dificult but not so much. Afterwards, Paqui has written the answers on the blackboard and we have done the exercise fifteen of the review on the class. Then, Kelly has switched the computer and we have decided the day of the exam that it will be the 25th of May about the 15th century in the Iberian Peninsula: the Catholic Monarchs. Afterwards, Paqui has written a scheme about the new unit. And we will study:



3.Reformation and Courter-Reformation


Then, Paqui has said that we aren't going to do an exam about the unit, because we don't have time. Finally, Paqui has given an exercise of the review on the page 91. This class was very interesting and we have learned a lot of things. And we have started the first point and the second point about the HUMANISM:


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Mariluz,

Here you have my corrections:

- Remember how to write the dates in English: 13th May 2011.

-Remember that after couldn´t, you have to write the infinitive, not the past of the verb.

- You´ve written "diseased" instead of "decided".

Your journal is quite good, but I think you could add the explanation of the map (map key), with the territories Carlos I inherited and why he inherited all this, if his mother hadn´t died.

Bye and thanks for writting Friday´s journal as well.

Juan Carlos said...

Good journal, Mari Luz. I agree with Paqui with the mistakes. Thank you for write two journals in one post, it's very useful!!

See you tomorrow, Juan Carlos.

Mªluz Ortiz S-Manjavacas said...

Hello Juan Carlos and Paqui!
I've changed the mistakes. And I've added the territories he inherited
see you on wednesday bye bye