Wednesday, May 4, 2011

4th May 2011

Today Ana Margarita has been in the class with us. At the beginning of the class Paqui has givethe marks of our glogs, also she has told us that for the exam we are going to have a question about the projects of our mates, we have to choose one project and said the purpose, the members... When she has finished with that we have started to correct the exercises that she has given to us on Monday. These exercises were from 6 to 10. After that we have started the point 4:REFORMS THEY MADE:AUTHORITARIAN MONARCHY. We have copied a scheme about the authoritarian monarchy that we have divided into two parts: Purpose and decisions. This last part have two parts: in Castile and in Aragon. When we have finished coping it the bell has rang so for homework we don't have exercises. Also Paqui has also said to us that if someone want an explanation of the mark of his project we can speak to her in the break time and she has said to the people that on friday we are not going to go to her class the exercises for Monday. This was the class of today. Bye Bye



Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Silvia,

Remember that you have to include a picture related to the lesson. You can look for the buildings of the Reales Audiencias created by the Catholic Monarchs. They created these royal courts in Granada, Valladolid and Ciudad Real. You could also explain what things the CAtholic MOnarchs did to increase their power.

You could add something about what we have commented on the projects and that there will be a question about this in the exam. It would be useful that you remind this to your classmates. It´s a fixed question for the exam.

Review the spelling of the following words: beginning, Castile, Aragon...Remember that the teacher doesn´t say the marks or the homework. The teacher gives marks, homework... And remember also that after the verbs "start", "finish", "continue"... you have to write -ing (start doing, finish correcting...).

Please, correct your post as soon as possible. Bye.

beatriz yuste said...

Very good Silvia, but also we have learnt some vocabulary and Paqui has said that one question of the exam is about the glog

Laura Meco said...

Hi silvia!
I've found some spelling mistakes:
we have started TO CORRECT..
THESE exercises..
Paqui has ALSO said to us...
I tell you the same as Bea told you, Paqui has told us that there is going to be a question in the exam about a project that we have chosen. Maybe she will ask us about the members of the organization, the purposes, the projects...
She has also said that the people who didn't pass the project will have to study the whole unit, while the people who passed it, they will study only a part of the unit.
We have to revise all the glogs of our classmates and to give our opinion about them, as well.
That's all! Very good Silvia!