Monday, May 2, 2011

Friday, 29th April

Today, we have only been four persons in the class because the rest of the people have gone to the library because they come to the class late. They have been with Teo cheeking the exam mark's. We have only been Yolanda, Andrea, Dani and me.
Paqui has been very angry. In the class we have learnt the point two of the unit: How did the Catholic monarchas become king and queen? As we have been very few people we could ask a lot of questions. we have copied from the blackboard two schemes about that, Enrique IV had a daughter called Juana.His sister Isabella became Queen of Castille because she had the support of Aragon and some Castilian nobles. Juana got married with the king of Portugal and then she went to the convent. Isabel got married with Fernando.
Paqui has also explained us questions about the next point that we have asked her. She has showed us photo about a really unactractive king. Today has been a very interesting class and I have learnt a lot.

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Paqui PĂ©rez Fons said...

Hello Yolanda,

Better late than never. I hoped you wrote your journal on time last Friday, but my dreams never come true :(

These are my corrections:

- You have to review the spelling: you´ve written "fone" instead of "gone" and "seeying" intead of "seeing". It´s better that you write "checking the exams´ marks"

- Remember that when you write about the past, you have to write all the verbs in the past: Enrique had..., Isabel became..., Juana went to...

- The last part of the lesson was about the questions some of you asked about when Spain appeared as a unified State. I explained you that this happened after another succession war at the beginning of the 18th century. The really unactractive king was Carlos II. You could add something more about the questions you asked me and what I answered.

Two last things:

I was angry with the people who arrived very late, not with the people who were in class on time.

And I think your attitude in class last Friday was perfect. If you follow the explanations and you ask questions, learning is more interesting and easier. You made me feel less frustrated.

Please, correct the mistakes as soon as possible. Have a good night.