Monday, May 23, 2011


Today Kelly has been with us. We have checked the exercise 3 of page 91, after that we have done a karaoke with these songs:
- Mamma Mia (Abba) and it was about the motto "TANTO MONTA MONTA TANTO ISABEL COMO FERNANDO"
- It´s my life (Bon Jovi) it was about the dynastic union between Isabel and Fernando.
- Single ladies (Beyonce) it was about the territories conquered by the Catholic Monarchs and about the expelled of the jews.
In my opinion this class was very funny because we have been singing and we have review for the exam.
And today has been our last social sciences class with Kelly and we have sung a goodbye song to her. we will miss her because we have learnt many things with her, but she is going to stay in Spain and we´ll see her.
Remember that next wednesday is our last exam so STUDY!
BYE,have a good afternoon ;)

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Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Well done, Ana. There are some spelling mistakes I´m sure you can correct if you read your post carefully (Catholic Monarchs, because,Spain, Social Sciences...). If you review the lyrics of every song, you will see that everyone is related with a part of the unit (Authoritarian Monarchy, religious and foreign policy, type of union and territories they conquered...). Read (sing!) them again and correct the topic of the two last songs.

I think we should also thank Ángel´s technical help with the karaoke.

And I agree with you about Kelly. We have learnt so many things with her these last three years. We have been very lucky to have her with us. Working with her has been a real pleasure for me. I´m sure I´ll miss her a lot in the high school, but I´m happy because she is a really good teacher and I´m going to keep her as friend. And she will stay in Criptana! So this is not a farewell!