Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday, 18th of May

Today in Social Science class Ana Margarita has been with us, but she has come a little late. When Paqui has come to the class we were a little altered, because we have just finished the language exam.
At first we have checked one exercise we had to do about the introduction of the unit and about the point 2, “Humanism”. After that Silvia has read the point 3 of the unit, “Reformation and Counter-Reformation”. Paqui has written a scheme on the blackboard about the main humanists, they are: Dante, Petrarca, Boccaccio, Valla, Pico della Mirandole in Itialy, Erasmus of Rotterdam in Netherlands, Thomas More in England, Michel de Montaigne in France, Antonio de Nebrija in Castile and Luis Vives in Aragon. We have copied this scheme. Paqui has explained some things of the point 3 with a power point she has showed us.

There was the Martin Luther Reformation, because there was a lot of corruption in the church. Lutheranism was a reformation with some purposes: the salvation through faith, the Bible can be read by all the people and the universal priesthood that is no intermediaries needed between God and the believers. There were pastors and there were only two sacraments. In this map we can see the espansion of the Protestants and each area. Then other protestant currents are Calvinism and Anglicanism. Calvinism believers though that when you born you have a destination and to the salvation is very important to work. Anglicanism was created because the King Henry VIII of England wanted to divorce and the Pope didn’t let him, so he created his own religion.

I think in history there are some things that are very interesting, as the creation of your own religion because you disagree with the other religion.
For the next day we have to do the crossword of unit 6.
Bye bye, have a good afternoon.


Paqui PĂ©rez Fons said...

Hello Yolanda,

These are my corrections:
- Firts, the map. It would be better that you change it for one with the information in English. Here you have a link where you can find one:

- There are some spelling mistakes: Pico della Mirandola in Italy and expansion

- In Lutheranism, it´s better that you write "proposals" instead of "purposes".

- The names of religions have to be written in capital letters: Protestant.

- In Calvinism you should change the order of the sentence: working hard is very important to get salvation or it´s very important to work hard to get salvation.

That´s all about grammar and spelling. You could also add some information about the debate some of you have had about Catechism sessions. I think this has been an important and interesting part of the lesson.

Well done. Have a good night!


Kelly said...

Hello Yolanda,
You've written a very complete and grammatically correct journal. Congrats!

I agree with Paqui that you could write some more information about the debate you had or the opinions of the people in the class. I think it'd be interesting to know what the students think about this topic.

Juan Carlos said...

Very good journal!!!