Sunday, May 8, 2011

Remembering the Black Death

Last day we reminded different concepts we studied last year, such as the big crisis in the 14th century and the more serious consequences of the Black Death plague in the Crown of Aragon. We also remembered that the high mortality caused by the Black Death allowed the people who survived to improve their working conditions. If you like to refresh you minds about the Black Death, here you have an interesting video. It´s been made by a group of U.S.A history teachers who use music and very famous songs to explain different history topics. In this case, they used Gwen Stefani´s song Holloback girl to explain the Black Death. It´s a good idea for a future project ;)

Here you have the link to the History Teachers´ channel on Youtube:

If you have a look on the videos, you will discover many interesting things. All the videos are subtitled. 


Alberto Panadero said...

Hi, it's great, other way to learn. Thank you for the discovery Paqui.

Other day, I've asked about the weapon (it was very late). I think that it's sure a crossbow, I'm reading 'Tirant lo Blanch' and this weapon appears.


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Alberto. I also think this is a good way of learning about a subject.

Here you have another video to learn economics. It´s a rap about Keynes and Hayek proposals to solve the Great Depression:

And here you have Esproceda´s Pirate´s song:

Good ´Tirant lo Blanch´ reading ;)

Have a good night