Monday, May 2, 2011

2nd of May of 2011

When Paqui has enter in the class she has been a ``little´´ angry with us and have said us that we have to look for our live and summerize the points that they read last Friday...

Today in Social Sciences we have checked the five exercices that Paqui gave last Friday. Before explaining it I want to thank to our classmatess for say us the homework. Well, the exercices were about the Catholic Monarchs.

Exercice 1>It was about the situation of the Iberian Peninsula at the beggining of the 15th century:

-There were 5 kingdoms in the Iberian Peninsula, four of them were Christians (Castile, Aragon, Portugal and Navarre) and one was Muslim (Granada).

Exercice 2> We had to write the causes of the civil war:

-The civil war occured because after Enrique's IV death the throne would be for Juana but the rumors of Spain said that Enrique couldn't have children and Juana was dauther of Beltrán de la Cueva, so Isabella would be the queen. Portugal support Juana and Aragon and some castillian nobles support Isabella.

Exercice 3> In this exercice we had to explain the main decitions of the Treaty of Alcaçovas:

-Isabel, queen of Castile.

-Portugal get the control of exploration of the african costs of the Atlantic Ocean.

-Juana was confered in a convent.

Exercice 4>We had to explain why the marriage of the Catholic Kings was a dynastic union:
They could control a big part of the Peninsula, but each crown will be continue being independent.

Exercice 5>We had to explain the motto ``Tanto monta, monta tanto, Isabel como Fernando´´ and how it determinated the Catholic King's policy:

Isabel and Fernando gave powers to each other, in order that one could rule in the kindom of the other one, but only Fernando used his power to rule Castile. Isabel never showed interest in Aragonece affairs.

After checked the exercices Kelly has read about territories conquered by the Catholic Monarchs and the reforms made by the Catholic Monarchs to reinforce their authority.
Then Paqui has written in the blackboard a scheme about we have already read while has shown us a powerpoint about it.

Finally Kelly has going to explain us about the Holy Brotherhood but the bell has rung...

PS: Classmates I hate you!!!Muak!


Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Dani,

First of all,if you don´t come to the lessons, you are obliged to manage to copy the notes or to prepare your own summary about the contents you knew we would study on Friday. If you didn´t come on time, it´s not my problem or something the classmates who were in class have to solve for you. It´s your problem and it´s you who have to look for a solution.

I recommend you to read carefully what you´ve written. There are several spelling mistakes you will find. There are several mistakes with verb tenses: you have to use the Present Perfect, check the past participles of every verb and review the verb persons. How do you write the third person singular of the verb "to have"?


- Catholic Monarchs, instead of Catholic Kings. They were king and queen, not two kings.

- Some spelling mistakes you´ve repeated: kingdom, because...

- Bells ring. Belts don´t. The bell has rung.

You could add the homework you have for Wednesday.

Good work with the scheme, but remember to check the mistakes. Bye.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Dani, you haven´t corrected this. Come on!