Monday, October 15, 2012

15th October

Journal: 15-10-2012

Hello everyone!
At first, Paqui has written some words on the blackboard about the PowePoint presentation shown of Charles V and beer like brewiers, brand and brewery. Then we have corrected the scheme about Philip II ´s way of ruling and the territories he inherited and he annexed. While Paqui was explaining it. After that we have copied the scheme on our notebooks.
Some people have asked Paqui why we have the room we have, because some people don’t see the things written on the blackboard.  She has said that at the beginning of the school year, the directors gave this room to her.
Then  Paqui has explained the way of ruling of Philip II.
Philip II

He had 4 wives: María Manuela of Portugal, Mary I of England, 
Elizabeth of Valois, and Anna of Austria.

María Manuela of Portugal
Mary I of England.
Elizabeth Of Valois.

Ana of Austria.


After that, we have started copying the Defense of Catholicism in Philip’s II empire, that includes:
-Prohibition of Protestantism, students couldn’t study abroad and prohibition of importing books.

Then Paqui has explainned what " blood cleanliness" was. It consists on that the people who worked in the administration of the courts,couldn't have Jewish or Muslims antecessors, and some people asked others to counterfeit their documents sayting that their antecesors were not Muslims or Jewish. Then we have continued with the scheme, with the preservation of Philip II`s Empire. The scheme was divided into wars with France, Ottoman Turks, England and Revolt in the Low Countries.

Glossary of today:

Brewer: cervecero.

Brand: marca

Brewery: fábrica de cerveza.




West Indies Fleets- Flota de Indias.


Salva Fuentes said...

ON the blackboard!

maria said...

Hi Javi. Your journal is very good and also the photos too,but I have discovered one mistake, on the second line, putted is put and also in "after that, we have started copying" I think, is "after, that, we have started copy"
Good bye!

Roxana said...

I agree with Salva and I add that is also ON the notebook! :)

Carmen Utrilla said...

Very good! I like your journal but I think that you have done some mistakes:
Explainned: explained
Antecesors: antecessors

elena escribano said...

HI Javi!
Very good journal but I think that you can included more information about the contents of Phillip II. anyway it's a fantastic journal with very good photos. good work!
Good bye :)

Isabel Rodríguez said...

Hi Javi! I think your journal is very good but.. you have to try to correct the mistakes that said Salva, Maria.. Carmen,.. etc. Be careful next time to write something..! So very good photos.. and good work!
Good Bye! :)

Monica said...

Hellow Javi!
I am agree with your classmates.
You have to be carefur the next time.
I like the photos. And the journal is not very bad. jajaj
bye bye

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello everybody,

This comments is not only for Javi, but for the students who make comments: you should be more cooperative and creative. You could give Javi more information to add or comment on the contents of the lesson: the most interesting things for you, the doubts you have...

There are still some mistakes no one has corrected. Can you find them?

Mónica, the correct way of saying "estoy de acuerdo" is I agree. María made the same mistake some days ago and I corrected her. Be careful!

Javi, you have to add the sources of the pictures you´ve included.

If nobody corrects the last mistakes, I´ll do it tomorrow. Bye!

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

There are some bad corrections:

- We have started copying is correct. There isn´t any mistake there.

- The correct word is ancestors, not antecessors.

Good night!

Anonymous said...

West Indies Fleets- Flota de **indios**.

Should be indias.


"Flota de indios" gives the impression of Indian men inside, aboard, or being transported...

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

Hello Again,

These are the mistakes nobody has found:
- Brewer. You should write the new words for the glossary in unverted commas or with Italic font
- "Putted" doesn´t exist: PowerPoint presentations are shown
- Philip II´s way of ruling
- Word order in this sentence: ...what "blood cleanliness" was
- ... some people asked others to forge their documents sayting that their ancestors... " To forge" means "to change the data of a document. You can also use "to counterfeit"
- ... preservation of Philip II´s Empire

- ... was divided into wars with France...

And, as our foreign visitor has told you, the translation of West
Indies Fleet is "flota de Indias".

That´s all!

Marta Gómez said...

Hello Javi, your journal it's very good, but you can also include that Paqui has changed our seats beacause we speak a lot.
Bye, bye.

Laura Casero Mínguez said...

Hello Javi! I like too much your journal. It is very complete and the photos are interesting as Paqui's photos. I have copied some words of the glossary that I didn't have. Good Work! :)

Alicia Díaz said...

Hello Javi ! I'm agree with my classmates, the journal and the pictures are very good but you can include some information about Philip II, bye bye !

Monica said...

I corrected the last mistakes. Paqui, you have tu write me a positive. :)
Bye, bye.

Paqui Pérez Fons said...

I´ve seen that you´ve corrected the mistakes, but there are still some things you should review:

- At the beginning, I wrote some vocabulary about the post I wrote on the blog, called "Charles V and beer". The vocabulary wasn´t about a presentation. The correction about "putted a PowerPoint presentation" was to remind you that we don´t use "put" for a presentation, but "show" and "putted" doesn´t exist.

- Ancestors, instead of antecessors.

- Saying

That´s all I ´ve seen. Good night!

Enrique Manzanares said...

Monica, is you have to, no you have "tu" Be careful!